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Title: Hi all
Post by: SigmaParadox on January 01, 2018, 06:29:42 PM
New to the forum, wife just got me this as a christmas gift because im a big bug nerd and DK/Sim Ant fan. I actually wanted to be an entomologist when i was a kid for a while, and would do a lot of the stuff the scientists in this do to ant colonies i would keep as far as experimenting with introducing other insect/arachnid species, albeit in a much more calculated manner rather than the creepy, seems like he is getting off on it kind of way lol. The area i grew up had an abundance of P. Badius ants, the only species of polymorphic ants in North America!

Its really cool to see this game being developed and loved, and as a fan of Dungeon Keeper and Sim Ant, the style is awesome so far. The narration sets the mood just right!
Title: Re: Hi all
Post by: Mike on January 01, 2018, 11:28:12 PM
Hi SigmaParadox, your have a wife with excellent taste! Glad you're enjoying it. The basic form of freeplay mode coming as the first major update!