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General Discussion / Re: playing on Hard/insane
« on: May 23, 2018, 06:53:16 PM »
The soldiers in 2.X have higher health, so instead of constantly using food for workers, use soldiers. This is very true against ranged troops, since they could take them out fairly quickly. Workers are good in the beginning, but soldiers could be better, replenishing cost wise.

The workers and soldiers are of the same effectiveness for food per HP cost.  Because you want to harvest food quickly, this makes workers far superior.  The only level they might be more useful in is 2.2, if you have a lot of surplus food, as most enemies have low damage, and this will reduce lag.  In 2.1, however, not only do you need additional numbers for more food, the soldier ants will die to either 1 hit or 2 hits to most enemies.  This makes workers more efficient, as each can take one hit.  20 workers is enough to afford 8 soldiers, which means you'll be able to take an additional 4 hits by building workers over soldiers here.  Food cost isn't alleviated either, as 5 for 2 hits vs 4 for 2 hits makes workers cheaper in this department as well. 

You can test all of this in the battle simulator. 

Bugs / Troubleshooting / Re: Stresstest freeplay
« on: May 23, 2018, 06:48:32 PM »
Picture 2. Ants wont drop food at the foodstorage, but keep it close to the queen (atleast 50 ants had food and kept going up and down (2nodes) to the queen and then back to the food storage.
This occurs when ants respawn and their closest storage is the 70 at the queen. 

This is because the queen's storage is consumed first. 

EDIT:  Lol, reddit quoting habits. 

Suggestions & Feedback / Re: unicorn ants
« on: May 23, 2018, 04:56:42 AM »

It would probably have to wait until post-release, if ever, as species are only being added with new missions.  Hard to say how difficult it is for them to make a new species on its own, but I expect it's a bit much to go out of their way for. 

Perhaps, but that might also be too easy.  I'm more in support of the idea of lowering the amount of food you get from everything you kill. 

General Discussion / Re: playing on Hard/insane
« on: May 21, 2018, 01:28:19 AM »
Myself and Balanite both have videos on Youtube that show the general methods for beating each of the levels in insane difficulty. 

jimscheideler also has an excellent strategy for 2.1 insane using mortars, where he also improves upon the general strategy you'd see Balanite or I use (I prefer his order of clearing the underground, in fact):

General Discussion / Re: playing on Hard/insane
« on: May 21, 2018, 01:21:43 AM »
Formicarium upgrades don't transfer into the X.X scenarios, if that's what you were referring to. 

For 1.1 specifically, you want to gradually build your way up to 35-40 soldiers, saving the rest of the food for hatching those soldiers. 

Upgrading food tiles is much more efficient than making new ones, as lvl 1 provides 10 storage, while lvls 2 and 3 provide 40 and 100 respectively. 

Upgrading your brood chambers isn't worthwhile . Even twice as many of the lvl 1 as lvl 3 is better, and you can make three times as many with that food.  The hatching cost doesn't even seem to be any steeper for the lvl 1 spam. 

For the 2.X missions, melee soldiers are generally not viable.  Workers and melee soldiers are about the same effectiveness in the ability for either type of ant to tank hits, but, since more ants means a greater ability to collect food, worker ants are generally the better choice for a defensive unit.  This is quite evident on 2.1, as not only is there a lot of food you'll want to collect, but most of the enemies on this level have high damage attacks which make it better to have 20 workers that die instantly than 8 soldiers who die in 1 or 2 hits. 

Utilize the no-combat option where you're collecting food early on and can't fight back, or for the groups of ants you have working in the nest (do not leave them in the nest group, they will fight things that are nearby and this can easily wipe you if you need constant reinforcements). 

The 2.X levels make it very difficult to use any food found above-ground on high difficulties, making it much easier to go for underground pockets during the early-game or downtime. 

Rapid-fire are slightly more efficient than mortars for lvl 1 spam, but there are special cases where you can make great use of the lvl 3 mortar AoE splash (in fact, 2.2 insane is impossible without it), making the upgrade worthwhile once you have enough of them. 

Off Topic / Re: Купить бит монету
« on: May 20, 2018, 06:19:32 PM »

Рабочие муравьи должны подняться против своей угнетающей королевы, чтобы захватить средства производства личинок!

Off Topic / Re: Купить бит монету
« on: May 20, 2018, 06:10:37 PM »
Who the hell advertises an escort service in an obscure forum for an indie game? 

Welcome to the Colony / Re: Hello from the Netherlands
« on: May 20, 2018, 06:07:01 PM »
Hello, I'm also from the Netherlands. I have a question: how do you become a soldier or something else? I have some ideas but I do not want you to think your game is bad. It is the best game ever about ants and the upgrade system is not bad. You can choose whether you use spitters or warriors. It is everyone's choice and tactics if you use spitters, workers or warriors. Could someone from eotu respond to this?

Just a question, because I don't know how to get an higher rank

It seems it's determined by how many posts you make.  More active users seem to have the highest ranks (redmoth and myself are queens, Mike is a colony because he's a community manager and it's his job to post a load, while some older users you can find are still soldiers since they haven't posted in a while). 

Speed tiles should boost ant speed more when upgraded, and this seems to be true so far (I don't know that anyone has truly tested them). 

Food tiles: 

Lvl 1: 10
Lvl 2: 40 (+30)
Lvl 3: 100 (+60)

Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Freeplay's core problem
« on: May 20, 2018, 03:02:53 AM »
Hmm... never thought of rapid-shooters as a good fighter, especially against heavy enemies. As for free-play, it defiantly needs some work. I would agree with the rapid-spawning creatures. A few times I played, I would raided by two large Bach Tiger Beetles, and would die. It would also be cool to see slower larva development, since the day-night cycle seems slower already.

Their DPS tends to match that of the mortars, and in-fact exceeds it in cases where enemies move around a lot.  If you don't want AoE, rapid-fire are generally much more reliable. 

Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Picnic level!!!!
« on: May 20, 2018, 02:58:43 AM »
Actually, it would seem the Devs have decided to scrap that map, in favor of scenarios in no specific location.  We could really be anywhere (although it didn't seem like any sort of urban or human-related level was planned, since they're going for the "BBC Earth" vibes). 

Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Freeplay's core problem
« on: May 19, 2018, 11:53:22 AM »
Shooters on their own I might argue are relatively balanced.  It seems a lot of their overpowered nature comes from the shooters potential to use and boost their own venom damage, which for some reason tends to be extremely overkill compared to the high pressure + crippling abilities. 

I'm beginning to wonder if there's an unseen "armor" value that we aren't aware of, but which a dev might be able to confirm.  If that's the case, then it's actually really weird that venom damage has a higher value than flat physical damage, as venom would then have a fairly significant advantage against heavily armored foes AND high vitality foes, while flat damage should really be bad against heavily armored foes but good against the high vitality foes. 

Wood ant colonies seem weak enough that the issue isn't the spitters themselves.  The only reason that black ants are currently significantly weaker than wood ants is because the game currently provides enemies with primarily anti-melee abilities, while there isn't a single anti-ranged ability besides perhaps lvl 3 mortars, which we're yet to be able to encounter as an enemy.  Black ants will thus, as a rule, be disabled for longer periods of time, and take more damage as a whole against:  M and L tiger beetles, devil's coach horse beetles, and M and L wolf spiders. 

Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Rebuilding walls
« on: May 19, 2018, 11:40:34 AM »
While a reverse speed tile would be interesting, it would require the devs want to add something they seem to want to avoid, only in a "soft" form.  It would also probably not match what people want from building up destroyed walls. 

It seems that combat music doesn't play properly in Freeplay.  It never activates generically when ants are in combat.  The only time I've actually heard it working was when attack waves were starting, and even then it only would last for about 30 seconds. 

This may be intentional, but it seemed odd, so I thought I'd report it. 

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