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Suggestions & Feedback / Free play mode suggestion
« on: June 18, 2018, 03:00:17 PM »
Will there ever be waste management added? Managing corpses and garbage properly would add realism to the game, however at the cost of simplicity. Maybe it could be a part of the realism option in free play mode?

Suggestions & Feedback / Alates and Formicarium
« on: June 06, 2018, 10:04:28 PM »
I heard there is a skirmish mode planned where it is similar to free play except the player goes against enemy AI colonies. Maybe one of the goals of this mode is to produce alates? Or maybe it is the goal of a new mode combining aspects of free play and skirmish? One's colony would have to be thriving and beating out its competition to produce alates. Once produced, they would fly away.

To make this mode rewarding, one alate could equal one point. The more points gained the more resources to spend on. Ex: If I were to get an impressive amount of points with Formica rufa, I would unlock a Formica rufa only formicarium. To get resources for the Formica rufa formicarium, I'd have to get points as Formica rufa, which would be converted into resources (food, tiles). If this is implemented after all the planned species are released (in a long time), one could get a collection of formicariums with different species to build upon. This is great for people who have dreamed of keeping ants but will likely never keep them :D! It would also allow the game to have a lot more reward-based playtime rather than just playing free play over and over (even though the free play is still fun).

Would this video be an accurate representation of the size difference between leafcutter Queen and workers planned for Eotu?

I also don't think an Atta queen will fit on the seven tiles of the Formica queen...

An average Formica fusca queen is about 12 mm in length. I'm not sure what species of leafcutter is planned but for an Atta sexdens queen, the average length is at least over 25.4 mm while supermajors can be up to 24 mm.

If Atta cephalotes is planned, because that is a profile image option, their size is still much bigger. Queens are about 22 mm, majors are about 14 mm, and mediums are about 7 mm.

Formica fusca workers are from 5-7 mm so they are about the size of the medium leafcutters planned. How will the minima be done, as they are only about 2 mm?

Suggestions & Feedback / New Resources
« on: June 02, 2018, 05:44:01 PM »
The user Serafine has recently posted these suggestions for new resources on an already existing topic. The reason I am putting them on a new topic is because I totally agree with them, but I am starting a topic just about these suggestions.

The idea was to remove the current resource "food" and replace it with two new resources, sugar and proteins. Sugar was for colony maintenance. This would add realism and make the player have to be much more strategic about how many ants they have. Protein is for building and probably upgrading tiles.

Making it so that workers would have to pick up food and then feed larva so they can hatch would make it more realistic visually and would make the player have to build more workers to replenish the brood or else have too few ants alive to defend the colony.

Suggestions & Feedback / Choosing Ant Species in Levels
« on: April 06, 2018, 10:08:15 PM »
Perhaps to allow for more replayability, after the player has completed the level with the species of ant it was meant to be completed with, the player can choose a different ant species to play the level with.

Bugs / Troubleshooting / (Mac) Rising Tide Worker Glitch
« on: December 09, 2017, 03:09:56 PM »
When I select the level Rising Tide, mortar ants, and hard mode, at least four of the starting workers have the appearance of formica fusca. This is a very, very minor glitch, but even when the level is restarted or I quit out, the workers don't get fixed.

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