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It seems that combat music doesn't play properly in Freeplay.  It never activates generically when ants are in combat.  The only time I've actually heard it working was when attack waves were starting, and even then it only would last for about 30 seconds. 

This may be intentional, but it seemed odd, so I thought I'd report it. 

Suggestions & Feedback / Potential Freeplay Options
« on: May 19, 2018, 06:23:17 AM »
1) Give the player the option to set a percentage food yield from enemies that yield harvestable corpses (probably something like 10%, 20%, 30%, etc. with 100% being the default), much like how 2.1 "invader" enemies only give you 40% and 70% food in harder difficulties.  One of the major complaints currently is that you need more and stronger enemies for Freeplay to be difficult, but doing this also increases the amount of food you get so that the game is too easy.  This would give players the option to make food much more difficult to obtain from just killing enemies, instead requiring you use a food source like a landmark, now requiring you can efficiently defend the pathway to that food. 

2) Add a menu that can be hidden (much like with the battle simulator) that allows you to choose the music you hear from other levels.  A Day on the Beach is only entertaining for so long, until eventually you mute it and play something on Youtube.  I also wouldn't mind having The Friendly Spider on if I decide to do something like wolf spiders and funnel webs only. 

3) Something between attack waves and ubers might be nice, where a squad of enemies spawns at random and guards an area.  This could include all sorts of things, like devil's coach horse beetles paired with a swarm of larvae, a large wolf spider or two with a swarm of babies, a squad of wood ants with mixed roles, a squad of black ants, a group of beach creatures, etc.

Bugs / Troubleshooting / Several Bad Aphid Spawns [Freeplay]
« on: May 19, 2018, 06:05:58 AM »

That should cover quite a few.  These seem to be some of the only "problem" spawns, although I think there may be a few others I haven't managed to get screenshots of yet.  I will probably put them in a reply to this post if I find them. 

I also feature a bug that can cause flying honeydew to appear.  I don't have screenshots but there are cases where this occurs much farther up, where there's honeydew you can find extremely close to the camera. 

General Discussion / Is backing still available?
« on: May 14, 2018, 10:37:58 PM »
It's summer, so I plan on taking on quite a few more hours at my day job.  Because of this, I was wondering if backing was still possible, as I might drop 20$ or so in one way or another. 

While it's nice to have infinitely high difficulty, it may be nice to cap it. 

Particular issue:  I ran ramp with spikes with no enemies but ubers, as a way of fighting them specifically.  A fish then spawned much later and proved to be the harbinger of the apocalypse, as this spawned enough ants that they couldn't harvest the fish properly, and I couldn't kill them, so my game crashed. 

General Discussion / "Invader" food yield (2.1 Rising Tide)
« on: May 09, 2018, 09:14:06 PM »
This looks at the waves of enemies that attack you at night in 2.1 Rising Tide, and examines the food yield that these enemies provide, compared to the enemies that wander about the surface of the same size.  This reigns true for both hermit crabs and wolf spiders. 

DifficultySMLPercent Yielded

If we get a 2.X challenge that uses tiger beetles in attack waves, The yield would probably be something like: 

DifficultyMLPercent Yielded

Suggestions & Feedback / Queen upgrades
« on: May 09, 2018, 03:03:38 PM »
Royal guard could use a buff, as atm the guards can be easily taken down by large numbers of strong enemies, making royal decree a superior and more reliable option for clearing the underground.  Something as simple as spawning twice as many may be effective in making the ability quite strong. 

General Discussion / Formica Ereptor Builds
« on: May 09, 2018, 01:42:57 AM »
With Freeplay allowing the import of Ereptor colonies, here are two colony setups I use.  Let me know which ones you prefer of your own or what I listed. 

Queen formats (can be used for any setup; these are the two I find to be the most ideal): 

Royal Guard + Fierce Mother: 
  • Pairs well with Royal Guard by allowing them to do damage uncontested.
  • Allows the entirety of the respawned army to do damage uncontested.
  • Can save you from situations in which you have 0 food.
  • Can save you from situations in which you have no workers, although you'll have much less time to kill confused enemies this way.
  • Requires you to regain control of the underground after the 10 second confusion duration.
  • Provides an additional buffer for 60 seconds in the form of the guards, but only if threats are manageable.

Royal Decree + Second Wind
  • Allows an infinite army to wipe out threats.
  • Forces enemies to focus on your infinite army.
  • Has a longer duration than the above combination.
  • Can save you from situations in which you have 0 food.
  • Can save you from situations in which you have no workers.
  • Provides no additional buffer beyond 20 seconds besides the full size of your army.

Colony setups:

Ranged DPS: 

Worker ants: Efficient Brood/Evasive
Black ants: Meat Wall/Self Repair
Rapid Fire ants: Corrosive/Weakening
    Usage: Requires less worker ants than usual, which should always be set to no combat, which are able to restore lost numbers without being threatened by either enemies right by the queen or in brood chambers, making wolf-spider AI much less threatening than it is in 2.1 Rising Tide (N2 W3 and N3 W1 can both wipe you if all your workers die).  Most of your damage will come from rapid fire, which will buff each other's damage, which results in very high venom degen on focused targets on top of the usual flat damage.  Black ants, while still doing noteworthy damage, are primarily there to take hits and allow the rapid fire to do their job.  The greatest weakness to black ants is going to be AoE venom from medium and large spiders, as well as the devil's coach horse spray, although since these attacks won't kill all of your black ants you should be able to manage if you have enough.  Very high single-target damage is also a concern, as it can allow the gradual wear-down of black ants, leading to enemies carving through your low-health rapid fire ants.  Regen on black ants primarily helps to ensure you have a constant supply of tank roles, where anything that dies respawns, and anything that survives is at full HP for the next fight.  Rapid fire also have the bonus of slowing enemies, which isn't all that strong, but is still capable of allowing the ants to stand without tanks against weak or slow foes. 

Melee DPS: 

Worker ants: Aggressive Brood/Defensive
Black ants: Dangerous/Self-preservation
Mortar ants: High-pressure/Crippling
    Usage: While worker efficiency and reliability suffers, workers take on the role of tank in this setup.  Their specific defensive ability makes them highly efficient at holding out against high damage attacks, particularly from the likes of tiger beetles and wolf spiders.  They are still quite vulnerable, however, to venom attacks, as well as rapidly repeated small packets of damage (like the tiger beetle's swinging jaws ability).  While aggressive brood allows worker ants to be a fighting force, they still should not be relied on for damage, with it merely being a perk.  Black ants are made to take advantage of the new worker tanks, having increased attack speed over bulk, as well as the ability to retreat when low on health, essentially ensuring that black ants survive to do damage, while the enemy in question moves on to potentially attack a worker instead.  The mortars act primarily as a support unit.  They do additional physical damage, and also debuff the target foe either for black ants and workers to do additional damage to, or for other mortars to do additional target or splash damage to.  While mortars are primarily strong for their ability to handle hoards of densely packed enemies, their crippling ability should make them viable if not ideal against single strong foes as long as there are a lot of black ants in play.   A notable weakness of this setup is that you will be far more vulnerable to anti-melee abilities, such as confusion and stun, especially against creatures that move a lot, as mortar aim will suffer as a result.  Mortars also cannot solo weak enemies like rapid fire can.

Bugs / Troubleshooting / [Beta] Royal decree broken
« on: May 07, 2018, 01:33:07 AM »
It seems that the brood chambers don't spawn there own eggs for the 20 seconds they're supposed to, for unknown reasons, in the Formicarium. 

Suggestions & Feedback / Question for Devs About Venom Mechanics
« on: April 28, 2018, 04:31:42 AM »
Thinking of using an Ereptor import to freeplay over using Rufa, as that would allow me to better react to some threats. 

Being obsessed with min-maxing though, I need to know if the venom damage stacks (i.e., you can have 50 instances of venom working at the same time), or if they simply overwrite each other.  If they stack, I obviously want the higher damage, but otherwise the raw damage output would be better for rapid fire's fast attacks, which I prefer to use over mortars. 

Bugs / Troubleshooting / Uber Creatures can Invade the Nest [Freeplay]
« on: April 26, 2018, 06:32:20 PM »
This may be intentional, but wow does it allow you to wipe if you're not ready for it.  Had an uber devil's coach horse beetle run in.  I would have won actually if I had more food, but as it was the confusion spray nuked down everything I had left. 

For this, I used wood ants with 38 melee and 93 rapid fire (all lvl 3). 

This uber is by far the strongest of all of the enemies in freeplay, particularly due to the fact that it's built as the ideal solo role, with high amounts of active and passive sustain in the devour ability (eating both your ants and random creatures that pass by), as well as a fairly powerful AoE venom tick on its pounce ability.  This makes it insanely hard to kill, particularly if it's staying on the opposite side of the map compared to your nest. 

I'd recommend putting your ants into at least 3 sub groups, which should be spread out around where the spider is staying.  A 4th group may be ideal, using only a handful of melee ants to bait out the devour and pounce attacks so that they're on CD early on in the fight, maintaining all of your forces for the actual fight.  You want to make sure that your rapid fire approach in a way that they are surrounding the spider in a circular formation, being as evenly spread as possible.  The reason for this is that the spider will use its venom pounce multiple times in the fight, which is enough to wipe out large amounts of your damage if you're clumped up, and you need to maintain as much firepower for as long as possible. 

In the case that the spider wins, you'll need to group up and hurry back to the area as soon as possible so it can't regen very much.  Over successive well-executed fights, it should eventually be at low enough health that it will be overwhelmed. 

You may need an excessive amount of food for this fight, at least 5,000 to ensure you don't run out. 

If the difficulty option is set to "ramp," the fight will eventually become impossible if the spider is far out, as there will be too many enemies between your nest and the spider, with too many food sources that the spider can regen with. 

It is possible with highest starting difficulty and the "spikes" setting. 

Suggestions & Feedback / Uber Creature balance [Freeplay]
« on: April 25, 2018, 06:48:51 PM »
Some quick criticism of the current state of uber creatures. 

They currently have their maximum ants harvesting set to be whatever the creature has normally (3 for crab, beach tiger beetle, and beach wolf spider, and 2 for devil's coach horse beetle), making them really hard to harvest before they despawn (although you don't typically need the food at that point). 

Due to a lack of self heal, most of them besides the wolf spider and crab to some extent, will end up dying or getting to very low health purely from fighting other creatures, making the player contribution underwhelming. 

Due to the crab ability being a relatively weak regen, the crab is unusually easy to kill compared to the fairly dangerous long term stun, confuse, and poison damage that the beetles have access to.  It would be nice if the crab could do something else, like maybe summoning allies that it can AoE heal with its regen, instead of just itself. 

Due to the wolf spider having a low CD on its devour ability, and a fairly large AoE OHKO, it's extremely difficult to kill in comparison to the other ubers, requiring multiple waves of ants and a wide spread of DPS in a circle around the spider to actually widdle it down.  Considering I like the difficulty, I would actually not mind if the regen from devour was only slightly lowered, while the other ubers could get buffs that allow them to have about as much sustain. 

Bugs / Troubleshooting / Some Food Issues with Fish and Ramps
« on: April 24, 2018, 02:56:49 AM »
If a Fish is harvested, and the ant immediately drops it (for combat or upon death), the food is dropped on top of the fish.  It then remains there when the fish is harvested, and ants can get stuck pathing below the food items. 

Food dropped on the bottom of ramps cannot be picked up by ants. 

Minor food clutter can occur in Freeplay if the food is harvested from a corpse, but not used (if it gets stuck or forgotten). 

Suggestions & Feedback / Online Leaderboard
« on: January 11, 2018, 04:00:33 PM »
It would be nice if you could have a personal leaderboard of your scores, as well as the option to sync those scores to an online leaderboard of other people's high scores.  This would add a load of replayability. 

Suggested originally by Danouk in another thread. 

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