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I say that Freeplay had been released and decided to immediately start and load in one of my formicarium setups. My first two games were fails due to excavating the entrance too early and getting attacked by multiple large tiger beetles. My third game, however, I had learned from my mistakes and I went to the surface with enough ants to end the tiger beetles and from there it was easy pickings. I had 2 fish spawn right next to the entrance to my base and at that point, there was no competition for my colony as it rose to power. I eventually reached a point where the difficulty had progressed enough to spawn uber enemies, which were pushovers and were easily overwhelmed by my 400 lvl3 ants at that point. From there It continued to get harder, but that only meant my ants couldn't push past the perimeter that they had set up around the nest, but nothing could enter the perimeter either. I am currently letting the game continue to run and just waiting to see if there ever will be a point where the enemies will be able to take out enough ants and overwhelm the 15k food reserves that are stored.

This was the last screenshot I took before coming to write this up

My Suggestions that spawn from this game
-Optimization will be the key to the future, I have a decent computer and I was starting to lag after I hit 350ish ants, and by 700 my computer was skipping around badly.
-There is a bug once you get to 400ish ants where the ants health bars and other related creature UI will just flash on and off as the game freezes. You can see this in the screenshot above, as I had the health bars turned on, but they did not show for the screenshot.
-Uber Creatures need to have more harvest slots, as it is great that they have 3000 food, but they only have 2 harvest slots so it would take tons of time to harvest.
-Fish shouldn't spawn so often/be easily accessible. I had two fish spawn almost on top of my base which allowed massive amounts of food with little to no effort. I couldn't get my ants to leave the base as they would autopath to collect food before they could get past the fish.
-For Freeplay, there should be some upkeep cost for ants as it is so much easier to get massive amounts of food in order to allow for you to grow the colony fast. Something like ants costing .5 food/min in upkeep, ticking every second would make it much more strategical as you would have to take more risks in order to maintain a constant influx of food.
-Lower the number of small bugs that are easy sources of food, and don't have small groups of bugs that attack the base, make them strong so that they are not just another source of food, but something you have to plan and worry about. I set up 10 melee ants at the exit of my base and that was enough to repel pretty much all early game threats as they were mostly just a stream of devil coach horse larvae.

I just want to say that these are my impressions from the first 1.5 hour game of Freeplay that I was able to do. I really did enjoy it, but there are definitely going to be changes and I can't wait to see what comes of this mode.

General Discussion / Moving Saves to a New Computer.
« on: January 05, 2018, 09:35:50 PM »
 I just got a new laptop and am trying to move all of my saves for EOTU over to my new computer but I am not sure where the files are located. I installed through Steam and was wondering if anyone knew how to manually move the files from the /steamapps directory will do the job or if there is more you have to do to get the saves.

Bugs / Troubleshooting / Wrong Number of Ants labelled for the Nest Group
« on: December 25, 2017, 07:36:49 PM »
I just noticed while playing a round of 2-1 that the nest group shows a number of ants that is double what I currently had in the nest group. I am curious as to whether this reflects workers in other groups that are working in the nest group or whether it is just the wrong number and is there to confuse me. In the picture below you can see I have 53 workers in the group even though the number above the group says there are 120.

I've been setting up different formicariums for both trees of ants you can get and have consistently run into the problem where a spider will get stuck on the entrance of the nest on the final wave of formicarium challenge 2. It has happened almost every time I have done the challenge and it doesn't seem to be able to unstick itself. I attempted to leave the challenge running to wait it out and after two hours it still hadn't moved. Ranged ants cannot target it and melee ants cant see it.

Suggestions & Feedback / Playing from Different Perspectives...
« on: December 20, 2017, 06:45:45 AM »
Eventually, it would be nice to be able to play the missions like 2.2 as the opposing colonies where you have to attack uphill with only the fish as your food resources. So far 2.2 is the only level this would apply on, but missions where after beating the storyline version, it would allow you to play as the various ant colonies would be an amazing addition to this game. I hope we get much more of the main content of the game before a feature like this appears, but it would be a very nice addition once the game is more fleshed out.

Welcome to the Colony / Hello from North Carolina
« on: December 14, 2017, 05:53:01 AM »
The game came up in my suggestions and it honestly looked like no other RTS I have ever played. I have to say I love the mechanics and can't wait for more levels and missions. I really hope to see this game shine and I see a bright future with this Idea. I can't wait to see just how large the enemies end up getting.

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