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1.2 ends after beating the final F. sanguinea wave even if mole crickets are present on the map.
1.1 once had the same bug but it got fixed there.

Suggestions & Feedback / Freeplay's core problem
« on: May 19, 2018, 10:06:34 AM »
After playing several matches of Freeplay I've come to the conclusion that I don't really like the mode and that the missions are much more fun.
The main issue with Freeplay - and this is pretty much the core issue of Freeplay that causes all the other issues the game mode has - is that everything is just TOO FAST.

Enemies (re)spawn at a ridiculous rate and your brood development speed and colony growth are pretty much the same as in the missions which very quickly leads to a point where your ants are permanently engaged with nonstop invading and respawning masses of enemies leading to a (necessary) permanent food income which causes the entire game mode to become a self-sustaining perpetuum mobile of warfare that nukes even good gaming PCs.
Also the game mode once again extrapolates how utterly broken the Formica shooters are - enough rapid fire shooters kill absolutely everything before it can even make close combat contact (I posted suggestions on how to fix the shooters in other topics so I won't repeat that here).

I had a expected a much slower gameplay from Freeplay where raising a larva actually takes several minutes (and ideally repeated feeding by the workers) and your food raids need to planed carefully to not end up without a defense when (far less frequent) invaders spawn, also resources (and other creatures) should spawn MUCH slower as well, so there's actually a reason to go on the risky march to a poppy seed plant at the other end of the map and not just harvesting the ones at your front door that keep showering you with seeds (or harvesting the nonstop respawning masses of enemies).

All in all I had expected Freeplay to be a much slower, relaxing game mode where you can watch your ants slowly grow (and ideally doing ant stuff like feeding the larvae or grooming themselves) featuring a much more strategic gameplay with careful planing required for the dangerous surface food raids - not the chaotic performance-nuking perma-war mess it is now.

Bugs / Troubleshooting / Some 2.1 issues (bugs/glitches)
« on: December 08, 2017, 11:27:39 AM »
1) Not a bug but a graphical issue.
This wall should be removed. It doesn't look good and since it doesn't have any gameplay purpose removing it wouldn't affect the level at all (except for making it look better).

2) This tiny stretch of terrain allows you access to the plateau at the upper left. Unless you inted to place something special there (a secret collectible or so) I'd recommend removing it as I don't think it is intended for players to be able to access that area (although I like the collectible idea, maybe a dead queen that unlocks a secret library entry telling us more about the ant's background after you harvested it).

3) There's an issue with ramps where food items dropped at the bottom of a ramp cannot be picked up again.

At the end of the game it where 3 food items at that ramp alone because when your ants are trailing down to the lower levels this is the exact spot at which the rogue ants constantly run into your trail causing your ants to drop the food they are carrying to attack them.

Suggestions & Feedback / [enemy idea] Bombadeer Bug
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:41:24 PM »
Bombadeer Bug

The Bombadeer Bug is a carnivorous beetle with a very powerful self-defense.

Biome: The Bombadier Bug can be found in pretty much every biome.
Role: Major annoyance.

Behaviour: The Bombadier Bug is on the hunt for smaller creatures (woodworm, beetle larvae, small spiders, aphids). It will attack them, kill them and consume them (prey that can be carried away by ants as a whole will be devoured immediately, prey that can be harvested will be harvested in the same way ants do).

Neutral critter: Usually the Bombadeer Bug does not attack your ants. If attacked it will fire a devastating stream of hot burning acid that deals massive damage and confuses or stuns the ants (50/50 chance for either stun or confusion on hit). While the ants are shaking off the shock the beetle will try to disengange and seek for food elsewhere.

The Bombadeer Bug can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. You may welcome it when it clears an area of dangerous predators you'd have to fight otherwise or keeps a hostile ant colony at bay by raiding their aphid farms, however when food is scarce it may prey on the same food as you - and this hungry critter is a major pain to drive away, let alone take down.

Suggestions & Feedback / Screenshot Saturday Suggestion
« on: November 06, 2017, 12:45:50 AM »
Can you make a hermit crab fashion show? They have some really nice houses and you rarely have the time to admire their beauty (before your ants slaughter them).

There are review pages that prey on Indie developers - they will ask for keys to "review the game" and then for more keys "to give to their followers".

However they will either just copy reviews from other (real) review pages or don't put up a review at all. And if you give them additional keys they will sell them to russian bot farm pages farming steam cards or to shady steam key selling sites like G2A (which have proven multiple times that they have no problem selling keys from dubious or even outright obviously illegal sources).

Please investigate reviewers asking you for keys before you give away any review keys, I really like this game and don't want you get scammed after all the effort you've put into it.

Here are some videos explaining the whole thing much better (and in far more detail) than I ever could:

This is a fully-fledged ingame economy concept for EotU (including the required UI elements) fixing several issues with food gathering, economy deadlocks, engagement deadlocks, slave-taker ant mechanics and generally making the colony look much more alive and closer to a real ant colony.

Please forgive my lackluster paint skills but I though this was the best way to get the concept across.

Edit: Updated to 1.1
- Added handling of hostile food tiles (food can be stolen)
- Added fungus chambers
- Added explanation of how simple the system actually is (only really requires 2 buttons, the rest is QoL additions)

Known issues (get fixed in 1.2):
- Clarification required: Fungus garden tiles cannot process fungus bits! (no food generating perpetuum mobile)

Full-sized image (it's HUGE):

All formicine ants (Formica soldiers, Camponotus, Lasius, Nylanderia) should have a high damage "spray" attack with a long cooldown, that only works in close combat. Same goes for ants that have a stinger (the sting woudl work similar to the acid attack).


- Realism
Now I know this isn't a #1 criteria when making a game, but even the name of these ants implies that they have formic acid, it's like the trademark of formicine ants (most of them don't use it at long range though but more like a close range acid "flamethrower"). You will get a lot of questions from people with a remote knowledge of ants why they don't have it.

- Gameplay
What would a close range acid spray attack do with Formica ereptor/fusca/rufa ants?
It would simply give them more burst damage without actually raising their DPS significantly (assuming the acid attack has something like 60 seconds cooldown), resulting in a much higher alpha damage at the start of the engagement but still the same sustained DPS when the engagement goes on for a longer time.

What would more alpha damage do with engagements and why is it a good thing?
Additional alpha damage would allow the ants to overwhelm harmless food items much quicker and more importantly it would reduce the time it takes to solve clearly one-sided engagements where one force has like twice the amount of ants over it's opponent.
It would make it much harder for a small force to just block an attacking army for eons, unless the smaller defending group is placed at a chokepoint (like a nest entrance, a tunnel, a ramp or a rock formation). This would make terrain much more important (you do not want to engage a larger army on an open flied, even less than now) and reward careful strategic planing.

One of the game's current issues is that engagements can go on forever even if one side is clearly inferior which leads to battles that are essentially decided minutes before they end. A high damage burst attack would resolve much of this issue as the much smaller force would simply be overwhelmed due to the high alpha damage of the superior attacking force.

Reinforcements - which currently just drag out the battles even more without really shifting them - would have an immediate and more visible effect on engagements as their additional alpha damage could much easier tip the balance in a stalemate.

Additionally this would also help with the balancing of the Formica rufa acid sprayers as long range support units. They would essentially remain unchanged and as a result be much more vulnerable to close combat. Without the close range burst attack the sprayers would fall very quickly if encountered without a bodyguard.

All in all I think a (not too) high damage burst attack for ants with acid glands and stingers would benefit the game a lot (not just in terms of realism) and resolve many of the issues engagements between armies of varying strength currently have.

Suggestions & Feedback / Linked groups
« on: June 29, 2017, 11:10:38 PM »
So with the new pheromone marker system (that from the latest demo) I've recognized that I've started to use groups differently from how as you would expect (or maybe exactly how it was actually planed?).

So what I'm doing is I don't set markers for each group when they need to go somewhere.
Instead I'm setting up markers to where I want ants to go in the future (like one marker at a food depot I want to plunder soon, one marker at the queen for defensive purposes and one close to where I want to attack the enemy) and shift the ant squads between those marker groups.

What I'm missing is a mechanic that allows me to link several ant squads together as platoon, so I can move them all between groups by moving one (the others will be moved to the new group automatically with the one I dragged) - for example if I had 1 squad of 20 Formica ereptor, 1 squad of 15 Formica fusca and 1 squad of 15 Formica rufa acid sprayers, I want to be able to drag them all to another group by just dragging one of them over.

Bugs / Troubleshooting / Issues with seeing/picking up food bits
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:25:10 PM »
Ants sometimes are not seeing food bits or are having trouble to pick them up.
Moving them away from the area and then back or moving in a different group of ants (that follows a different marker) usually helps.

Simply reassigning the ants present in the area to another marker in the same area does not help, so I assume it's an issue with how the ants recognize their surrounding. It seems like the "scanning for food" process shuts off and only reactivates once the ants have left the area and then re-enter it again, so that a new scanning process is initiated.

General Discussion / Fog of war, ant field of view
« on: June 29, 2017, 04:24:56 PM »
Will there be a fog of war in this game?

If yes, please remember that different ant species have different eyesight.
Myrmecia bull ants for example have phenomenal vision, Camponotus sugar ants are pretty decent (they can see you coming from more than a meter), Messor harvester ants are pretty meh, while Dorylus driver ants are completely blind (and thus should have a really tiny field of view, they navigate/detect by smell, vibrations, air flow and touch).


Not sure how relevant this is. The game becomes hard to play due to the tab-UI (markers, health bars) flickering out at 800+ total ants anyway.

Suggestions & Feedback / Ants that are carrying eggs should not fight
« on: June 27, 2017, 10:21:44 PM »
In this picture you can see an ant carrying a fully grown larvae on the food tile trying to fight an enemy (it looked like the ant was trying to slap the bug using the larvae as a club).

Ants that are carrying larvae should always try to plant that egg and only fight if it is impossible to reach their brood tile.

The price for the first ant from a tile should be included in the amount of food i costs to place the tile.
It's a bit annoying and can seriously screw up your plans if other ants respawn in the mean time, consuming food, so the ants from the tiles you just placed cannot hatch.
This might not be an issue at the moment, but with bigger ants that cost a lot more to hatch I can see this quickly becoming a major issue.

There also should be a button to stop the queen from egg-laying entirely, for example when you need food for something else (like placing food tiles) and a list which (ant species) eggs are preferred/allowed to hatch (so if you run low on workers you could order your colony to only spawn workers, if you need more tanks you could only allow Myrmecia eggs to hatch, etc.). That would allow for much more efficient resource management.

Bugs / Troubleshooting / Weird spacing bug at 100+ ants on a marker
« on: June 27, 2017, 02:13:39 PM »

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