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General Discussion / Re: Screen Shot Saturday - A Minor Issue
« Last post by MrCed2003 on July 09, 2018, 01:43:31 AM »
There are many workers in the leaf-cutter society. The large ones cut leaves off of the plant, then smaller ones cut the leaf further down, and then, it becomes even smaller as another ant cuts it into smaller pieces. Then the leaf pieces are fed to the fungus, were it will then give food to the colony. The transport of the leaves also have two different workers helping out. One carries it, while the other stands guard on the leaf, fighting off parasitic wasps, hoping to lay their eggs.
Suggestions & Feedback / Families of Bugs
« Last post by MrCed2003 on July 09, 2018, 01:14:34 AM »
The greatest example of this would be the 2.1 level. The beetles group up and patrol their territory throughout the game. And during the night, the hermit crabs patrol along the beach, looking for food with the spiders. I would also like to point out that the spiders do not bother going after the crabs, since most of them lack the defensive and offensive traits to take them on. Another thing, the crabs look for food actually small enough to eat, only pausing to defend themselves, and maybe eat some ants.

Families would be organized groups of bugs that patrol an area either during the day or at night. (When Nocturnal/Diurnal is on) Spiders and crabs may act differently. Crabs and spiders will not form groups, they instead will hunt alone, eat corpes, or attack your or another AI's mound. Huge spiders will have spiderlings around them, so no more stupid spiderling-only raids. The huge spiders will have a small initial amount, but will give birth to more over time. Since huge spiders have the advantage of spiderlings, health, and damage, they may attack bigger prey, like hermit crabs, large Devil's Coach Horse beetles, and even their own species.

The Life of a Family

A bug spawns, it will either found a new group or join an existing one.

It then patrols the area, gathering food from bugs and letting new members join.

The family, then is attacked, by none other than the Formica ereptor, seeking more food to feed its constantly growing colony.

What is left of the family, then flees, severly injured, to find a new home with stronger members.

I think this would be easier to implement once enemy ant AI is added, because, in theory, it would just include altering some code.
Played another game last night at 30% and it went much better. I choose the Wood Ant on it.
Bugs / Troubleshooting / Lagging/Freezing
« Last post by blaminack on July 08, 2018, 01:28:55 PM »
Last night I experienced lagging/freezing. When beginning this post, I realized my whole system was lagging, not just the game. I had only been playing the game all day. Hadn't done anything else. I had played all the modes switching back and forth, reloading, restarting, starting new games, etc... I been working on another Freeplay and after 30 minutes or so, things started lagging, or freezing. I thought I would try reloading the level from last saved, which was from the beginning, and it continued. I checked the process details in Task Manager and it was only using 1.5 megs memory, 25-80% CPU (Spikes), 90-98% GPU.

After exiting the game fully, all was back to normal and no lagging/freezing. Nothing at all.

I loaded my save and play another hour with no further issues. No clue what was causing it.
Suggestions & Feedback / Re: Spitters/Mortals
« Last post by Hello on July 08, 2018, 11:43:06 AM »
I just tried exactly that: All mortars dead, 132 spitters survived.

Spitters are the best unit in this game, handy down.
I only build these the last 5 games.
Suggestions & Feedback / A few suggestions
« Last post by Hello on July 08, 2018, 11:39:21 AM »
Just my 2 cents:
  • Transportation Ants: Ants that can not harvest food but can transport it twice as fast as the other ants - so the other Ants harvest it, give it to those transport-Ants and go back to harvesting/defending while the transportation-Ants go to the nest
  • Higher Pop-Limit: I had colonies with 500+ Ants without any lag or problems - my PC isn't too bad, but it's also not high-end.
  • Rebuild Walls: I think everybody had this once - your Ants smashed a wall by accident. It would be nice if you could rebuild those.
  • More Zoom: I would like to zoom out a bit more, so that the Ants look like Ants from up here ;)
  • Sniper-Ants: More Damage, more range but slower with shooting than the fast-shooting ants.
  • Reset-Button for the Battle Arenas: So you don't have to wait until all the creatures are gone
  • An "Invade now" Button for the Freeplay: Every press it releases 10% of your Population in enemy Ants on the border of the map that go straight to your nest
  • Choosable Map-Size: I would love to have Maps at least twice as big s now.
  • Random generated Maps: So you just choose the main Theme ("Beach") ant the rest is different every time.
  • Uber-Ants: For like every 50 Tiles of one sort you can build one "Uber"-Tile that spawns an Ant that it twice as big and Powerful as the rest.
  • Ants are more responsive to markers: Especially when you have just a few Ants in the beginning I noticed, that 1/3 of the Ants don't care about the markers I set - from 7 Ants only 4 go there and the rest stays with the Queen. That is, especially in the beginning when you sometimes really need all of your ants somewhere (intruders) really frustrating and can kill your whole colony.

I have to say, I do really love this game. I know it from "Is it worth a buy" from YT and he really is right, this is a fantastic game, even for it being so early in making.

Best regards
General Discussion / Re: Rapid Fire or Mortar
« Last post by Rayalot72 on July 08, 2018, 01:37:21 AM »
Current meta: 

Rapid-fire: Formicarium, freeplay, 2.1 Insane and below, 2.2 Medium and below. 

Mortar: freeplay attack waves, 2.2 hard/insane, 2.1 surviving past winning the game. 
General Discussion / Re: Screen Shot Saturday - A Minor Issue
« Last post by Rayalot72 on July 08, 2018, 01:33:54 AM »
Two worker roles? :o

That'll be fun to manage.  I assume we'll be scaling our minim population based on fungus garden size and minor population based on colony size.  Depending on the level design, I'm also expecting them to be either early-game harvesters or the optimal passive harvester choice. 

Inb4 the "taunt" ability makes them or minims combat-effective. 
Bugs / Troubleshooting / First Formicarium Challenge Glitch
« Last post by MrCed2003 on July 07, 2018, 11:54:20 PM »
This is a MAJOR glitch. The ants, both enemy and friendly, would just stop in their tracks, making the challenge incompletable. It happens to the ants outside of the entrances. In my second run, I tried letting the enemy ants in the hill, but they would just sit at the entrances. Once I killed them, my ants froze. The ants also seem to get stuck in the top of the entrances.
I am on:
Windows 10
Resolution: 1366 x 768
No, I did not (Or thought I disabled it). And had difficulty on Spikes only. And disabled the larger creatures. An awesome game though! Just finished 21., 2.2, and challenge! Regular mode rocks!
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