My ant colony was raided

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Do I have to feed my ant queen protein for her to make eggs?

Theoretically that spider should have been enough but if she doesn't lay eggs you can try a fruit fly.
She may also not lay eggs until after hibernation.

I haven't told you yet but I got rid of the spider and replaced it with a grape.

It turns out I was wrong on what she was. Shes actually a Camponotus sansabeanus

Hey, Serafine, It's been a month or 2 since Pamela got raided. It turns out shes actually Campunatus Sansabeanus and she hasn't laid any eggs. I've been feeding her mostly fruit, what can this mean?

Probably that you need to feed her protein (dead insects, if none are available minced meat might work as well).
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Hey Serafine how do you recommend using a heating pad or other in a test tube setup?

No, some people do it but I deem the benefits of overheating the tube too high. The inside of a test tube often heats up much more than the surrounding (because the heat can't escape that easy from the tube) so you may end up cooking your queen (or drowning her due the tube flooded because of condestation on the glass surface).

Heating is best when they have a nest so you can put a cable on one side of the nest to get a gradient - if the ants find it too warm they can just move away from the heated side to colder parts of the nest. Unless you have a tropical species queens can found just fine at room temperature.
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