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*Edit* This is now available for Mac and Linux

At the moment these are still mostly bug fixes, however there are a couple of balance changes and additions in there as well! We very much appreciate your feedback and do keep letting us know if any issues occur.

Additions and Improvements

* Added photo mode:
* Please note - this is an early feature. It is fully possible to see off the edge of the map or inside the terrain with this feature. Additionally, there are some issues with shadows that will be looked into in forthcoming builds
* By default F9 will enter photo mode. This Pauses the game, hides the UI and gives you control of a unique camera allowing you to get closer screenshots and interesting angles. Additionally, you can unpause and re-pause the game whilst in this mode. Note the photo mode camera is tethered to a limited distance from the initial point the camera was activated
* Digging out the tunnel to the surface is now done in the same way as tagging any other tile to dig
* Formicarium ability purchases can now be swapped for the other (but for the full cost)
* Subtle increase of light levels underground
* Formicarium challenge mission button graphic updated to make it more obvious it is a mission
* Alert message added about seeds dropping on the surface each time you receive seed rewards
* Changes to Mac build to allow lower OS requirements
* Updates to Formica ereptor queen animations
* OpenGL has been added to windows (considered alpha)
Balance Changes

* Beach wolf spider nest behaviour has been changed - It will now path to random nursery tiles for 40 - 60s. During this time it will not attack the queen. This should give players time to respond to the attacks even if they have nurseries right next to the queen.
* Pop cap changed to 100 / 125 / 150 (from 50 / 100 / 150) allowing more ants to be used for formicarium challenge 1
* 2.1 Night creatures will now attack the player if they are attacked at night
* 2.1 When a night creature takes damage on the surface it may attract other night creatures (1 every 5 seconds) to its location
Bug Fixes

* Fixed an issue where dead spiders (and possibly other creatures) could not be harvestable if they die on top of the surface tunnel (let us know if this still happens)
* Fix added for mass of eggs appearing at the queens rear. This was caused by a tile being deleted before it received an egg. The job is now removed as well as any eggs currently in transit to the tile
* Collision shape fixes for surface tunnel - ants should no longer get stuck in the walls
* Creature instant kills (water, spiders, tile removals) now always kill the creature
* Fixed an issue where upgrading an ant would not update its maximum health stat
* Fix added where pheromone markers placed on tunnel exit could sometime hit an invisible sphere and end up in the sky - the ants could not reach it and froze
* Removed code that stopped multiple version of the game being open at the same time (It was happening if you had any Unreal Engine game open which has undesired effects)
* Large Beach Wolf Spider devour ability now removes the ant it eats, rather than the ant floating in the air, along with other fixes for the ability
* Possible fix added for Oculus Home opening when the game was started. Let us know if this is still happening!
* Fix added for surface torch being on in the ending cutscene
* Fixed some pebbles in 2.1
* Disabled access to the wiki from the tech tree (currently wiki only has placeholder text)
* Time bonus has been removed for levels 2.1 and 2.2, as these levels cannot be completed any faster
* Fix added to reduce (and hopefully prevent) creatures getting stuck when moving from above to below ground
* Fixed some issues that could cause eggs to be dropped on floor where there is no nursery
* Fixed some issues where text would appear un-wrapped then suddenly wrap in tooltips
* Royal Jelly tooltip in tech tree corrected
* Fixed a typo on the rapid fire wood ant tooltip
* Fixed a typo in challenge mode

I like the photo mode very much. This game already has some very nice and new aspects that makes it interesting. Things like the photo mode are great additions (besides gaemplay, balance etc.) that let a good game become a favorite.

I have one question, when you do challenge 1 will is be more balanced so where we can actually beat it?
I apologize if i asked this at a wrong time and you already fixed it.

Not sure why challenge 1 is considered problematic.  I've managed to complete it with fairly minimal requirements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWtc3kJgWhY. 

Ah, so devour is what was giving spiders healing!  I had wondered what was causing it, and now I know ^_^

Good job devs. One of the hardest working studios Iíve seen in a while.


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