0.1142 Change Log

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Cool, also do we know when the next update is going to come out, it would have been a great christmas present :)

hm. just wanting to say perhaps the next update will either add two new levels as well as a challenge level but with some new added enemies for example a wasp (you pick what kind) and maybe a centepide or perhaps a hornet. oh and could you also add in so you see where the food and seeds are on the minimap instead of trying to look around for it? and seeing that ant on the far left when you open up this webpage makes me think he would be added in too. but perhaps only shown and thought on mission 3.1 and 3.2. or if he's to complex at the moment feel free to add him around a later update. oh and could a newer challenge in the other modes page where you are trying to survive until a time limit has stopped (either around 120 minutes or 4 days) and you'll have to defend against five bullet ants.

Wow, was the formicarium challenge 1 too hard? Yeah, and I didn't even know you could upgrade anything, and I still got past it xD. People should probably try strategies in their architecture :P Mine went well :D

When will the update?

Yes, but will the progress be there? or do I have to restart every update? :'( :'( :'(

No, your save game files are stored away from the game folder so you won't have to restart every time.
one question from all my other games it sync with steam cloud but with empires of the undergrowth if i install it on my laptop too than i must restart from the beginning on my laptop. but on my pc i have my normal savegame. all other games sync, maybe its just me i dont know, i just wann inform you if some more people write the same issue than you will know that something dont work.
happy developing :)