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Hi! My name's SkeleLock online, most people just call me Skele, feel free to do so yourselves!

Small blerb about me: I'm an art student right now, studying to be a concept artist for video games, but I also do story boarding and occasionally comics. I'm mostly into RPG style games, but strategy games like Empires of the Undergrowth are also some of my favorites if the game's theme is in my interest zone. I try to be a problem solver and enjoy a good challenge, so this game has quickly become one of my favorites.

I'm also super into colony-type bugs, like ants and bees, and I've been looking for a game like EoTU for a few years now, on and off as I remembered I wanted to play something like this. So far I'm having a really good time, just going through all the missions level by level and then with challenge mode on each until new content comes in. Thanks for having me! I hope I can contribute good game suggestions and conversations with you all! I'm really excited to see where the game is headed.

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Hi SkeleLock! Really glad we've piqued your interest with our concept. Please come and join in the discussions as things progress - we welcome all feedback.

Great to have some artists with us - personally it's been a marvel for me to watch how much our artist Matt has progressed in his skills as he's worked on this game. I think I need to do an article about the early concept art for the game and how it's grown into the current realistic art style.