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wow I gotta get back at it a leaderboard would be cool for the challenge modes!

Yes been asking but mike as not answered yet.

Made it to wave 75 759,237 it helped a lot to allow soldiers to pick up food when they fight.

Probably could have gone farther with more workers harvesting tbh.  Your army was doing extremely well, it just started requiring a load of food to operate. 
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yeah I was hesitant to build more workers because I didn't want to run out of food for soldiers but your probably right a few more would have gotten me more food so my soldiers didn't have to run out of combat so much.

Dam just short of my goal of 1mill


found having high tier ants at start then going for mass level one. Had about 50 of my 150 army as level 3 helped. Also make sure your food does not drop below 500. Pull your workers that collect the food back every 5th and 10th wave as that way they don't die to the spray. disable the food collection to get them out. do not disable it on the warriors even if they don't get it back to the storage they still move it out of combat range for the works
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well got it 1mill

OK revised my plan a bit. The problem is the 5th wave creatures and for those you need the tier 3 ants. But to get to wave 70 you need 100+ combat ants. So I found that for every 20 ants I add I need to upgrade 10.

I think he deserves some form of golden play button, but it's a golden ant. I mean, 1 mil is an insane score to get. Good job!

That's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!