Neutral enemies not so neutral

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Hi, as I am waiting for more content, I thought I would give this game a go on insane difficulty. Every little thing counts, the thing that got me is that neutral enemies (chichiladablah things) are on the same side as the enemy nest on the beach map.
This makes no sense.

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There are several reasons for this (the most straightforward of which is balance of the level). We're going to try to avoid it in future level construction but it wasn't an arbitrary decision - essentially if the enemies were fighting each other the level would be much, much easier.

it does hurt the immersion of the game. Since the neutrals and the enemy are fairly zoned off from each other, except for the few scouts now and then. I just wanted to point it out, insane is meant to be insane :)

I noticed that too and indeed it felt quite hurtful for the immersion. But I understand also that it would be hard to keep the map balanced with fight of the neutral species. Just an idea for future levels, maybe the problem could be solved by setting a fixed amount of neutral enemies (dependend on the chosen difficulty) +/- a certain amount. Once this delta is reached new enemies will respawn (or too keep it more immersive let them crawl in from a corner of the map). We would need to keep track though of the amount of ants/bugs the player killed at least per day to not destroy the feeling of cleaning up the map. But that should be a solvable issue. It just looks really weird to see enemy ants crawl around the beetles that actually should eat that ant. Anyway, I loved the first 4 levels and this is just a really minor issue and polishing, great game. Keep up the good work :)