Realism or Game?

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Just a random question but in the making of this game are you guys going more for realism (ants act/fight based on real life ants) or more towards fictional where you can have ants that will be able to  capture other larvae and make alliances with other creatures which will then fight for them, for example?

More realism

I mean, the slavemaker ant is a real ant that does just that in the real world as well as in 1.2. So I would say they are going for both.

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Both, but from this perspective more realism than game - I mean obviously we take liberties where we want to make things more fun, but I don't think you'll be forming alliances with spiders or befriending crickets.

That said, there is already artistic license here in that most other creatures won't attack each other (for balance reasons). From this perspective Freeplay will definitely be more realistic than the campaign.

I will befriend a cricket. Just you watch.