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Are there any ideas for future creatures in free play mode and if so what are they? And also any possibilities for things other than insects to deal with like small rodents or things like that?

Freeplay mode is confirmed to be getting anything new added in the campaigns. 
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Yep - as more creatures and mechanics are added to the campaign levels we will re-purpose them for freeplay. \

Rodents (and vertebrates in general) are unlikely unless they're dead as a food source - they'd be too quick for the ants and would be able to hop over the map in no time.

Hey Mike what do you think of having a mission where your goal is to get enough ants to move the nest with a random event of a ant eater coming into the map every now and then and killing any ants with in a certain area. Limited food kinda like 1.1 with the objective to get as many ants as possible as opposed to killing all the rival creatures. Also based above ground as opposed to below.

You could do it in stages so *.1 would be the build ants and *.2 would be survive in the open on the way to your nest. You could use a soldier colony with migrating ants think there are some in south Africa. Setting up the victory conditions so that its what you start with in the follow on mission. Maybe even giving the queen the ability to move. With the queens pace limiting the amount of time you can win the second one in.

It'd be cool with the anteater, but i'd think it'd be more of a challenge if it were get as many ants to safety as possible. But it'd be a challenge if you had to get the queen across. The mechanics would have the anteater attack the queen if no other ant was near. I feel like it should also eat rival ant colonies. Send scouts to lead the ant eater to the other ants would be fun