Freeplay only creatures?

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It would be cool if once in a while Freeplay mode had its own unique creatures instead of always dinner scraps. And also can uber creatures have their own designs?

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The whole point of freeplay from our point of view is that it's a very efficient mode for development. We can take the things from the campaign and re purpose them - we don't have to get Matt to make entirely new models, textures, and animations. We also don't have to re-do an entire behavior tree for the creature.

If we started asking Matt to make unique creatures, we delay the campaign. It's as simple as that.

I believe the current thinking is the uber creatures will be visually different in some way, but they'll use the model and animations from their base creature.

Gosh dangit redmoth, don't bother Matt with these silly questions!! He's WORKING. Also btw i'm kidding, and I also think it'd be cool if we had more than just little weird stones and shrimp? as food.

im pretty sure the team is working on other food types, such as the fungus the leaf cutter ants cultivate
remember kids, dont do drugs.

other bugs seem realistic centipedes, grasshoppers, etc

mmm cenitpedes, it would be could to see them decrease as the ants eat them

Freesplay-only-Creatures would be a waste. I dont see any reason, why a creatures use should be forbitten in the main missions?

Perhaps It is possible, a new creature gets its premiere in Freeplay, and will be later seen in a mission. But Freeplay-only... that makes no sense.

What I meant was extra creatures the campaign doesn't need.

frogs! that's be awesome, i'd love the adrenaline of rushing my ants to safety as they get chased by a massive frog...