Give me Termites (please)

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Taking over a Termite colony would be fun.

Its gonna be a DLC

Well, not necessarily. The devs said that as a stretch goal in a kickstarter they would include termites. They wouldn't necessarily be controllable; they might just be an enemy colony in a mission, quite possibly the driver ant ones.

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Termites will be in the game. The species will be this one:

We have our plans for this species but we don't want to spoil them yet.

Try this one! Macrotermes malaccensis. Like Marauder ants (Pheidologeton diversus) Macrotermes are a genus of termites that has an extremely high polymorphism in addition to two castes of soldier termites (Major soldier and minor soldier). Some species even have 4 castes: (Major/minor worker + Soldier). They also make fungal gardens, check it out!
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