I wanted to have my grandson play this b
ecause I made a Formicarium for him, but its too difficult on easy and too annoying for anyone. Children should have a chance to play this potentially awesome game. He is only seven but he represents a huge future market

Hmm I'm not sure if the influence on your grandson will be so positive considering the slightly sadistic ways of our formicarium scientist here xD

he can do it on easy, just teach him the strategies. right now the game is very linear, (i hope that is the right word to use) in which each level requires a certain strategy. for example, trying to do queen of the hill with rapid fire is impossible passed hard mode, because you need aoe badly.

when freeplay comes out, you will basically be able to design a level for him to play on and he will be able to have a sandbox mode without danger of failing, only a little longer now :)

*Me Shuddering at the idea of 90% of the player base being small children.*
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It teaches children science though! I mean, I didn't know about tiger beetles until this game.

The game is very doable on easy, the only level that is pretty unforgiving is 1.1 (and to a much lesser degree 2.2).
I guess the upcoming freeplay mode would be ideal.

You should probably also tell him that raising ants in real life is something ENTIRELY different. Unless you have ants that outright explode into existence like Solenopsis invicta (which has an absolutely insane growth rate) ant colonies tend to grow really slow. Four weeks from egg to worker in pretty average, some Camponotus species can take three months to get first workers.

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Hi ndorfin - whilst we love that young kids are playing the game, they aren't our primary audience. We're making a game we want to play - and that necessitates a modicum of challenge in campaign mode, even on the easiest difficulty setting.

However, we will in the next few weeks be releasing Freeplay mode, which is probably much more suited to very young players. It doesn't have objectives you have to complete, or time limits, or anything like that. You simply grow your colony over time. You'll be able to set up the initial conditions to make the game endless, and it'll feel much more like a "pet colony" if you want it to.