title pretty much says it all. is this something that will be added soon?  pressing escape and having the window pop up is a little silly. I would like to pause and move the camera about. marvel in my ants work. take in the sights. enjoy the adventure.

Great game by the way. really enjoying it :D

press F9, it open the photo mode and it show you the commands when you open it
In the game of ants, you play or you die.

i was using the F9 last night. it was helpful, but wouldnt zoom out to the normal game size. that and it doesnt let you move around the map very much.

I have made a topic about that on bugs and Troubleshooting but nobody answered to my post
In the game of ants, you play or you die.

so maybe something like a no HUD mode? or HUD scaling that allows you to conserve your screen real estate? also, why wouldn't you get a menu when you press escape? it makes logical sense to have a menu in-game.