Last night during the second formicarium challenge the wolf spiders ran into my base and 4 or so of them never actually entered my nest. I didnt notice till everything was dead and there was a few red health bars left right under the holes to the nest on the surface map. I tried to swarm around then and nothing happend. I was actually able to fix it by entering arachnophobia mode. that seem to un-jar them. they died and the level ended.

hope this helps.

The same happend yesterday to me. I needed 6 retrys to finish the challange.

Maybye you have been on the arachnophobe mode so that you get kicked your ass by invisible Spiders haha just kiding.

Same thing happened to me once before, I restarted the mission  :'(

(Spiders actually did not disappear, they were just stuck in the hole leading to my nest. (On the minimap they were considered on the surface) I could see them by toggling health bars, but when I moved my ants close to the hole in both the surface and underground they couldn't attack.
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Thanks for this I will note it down.

Same to me, but spiders don't disappear, they stuck on the entrance of formicarium, and ants can't hit(or detect?) them; pressing ALT you can see their hp bar, sometimes stuck to the right hole and others to the left.