Impossible difficulty

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There is something that really get into my nerve with this game. The hard difficulty and the insane difficulty is a problem.

When I play at hard for the 1,1 scenario for example, I play for 2 hours only to know that you die very easily for the last wave of insects. You do not have ANY clue as to why you lose. You can't make a strategy out of it.

We have always the same amount of food.

1-So I tried 50 a solders at level 1: doesn't work.

2-I tried 35 solders at level 2 but with no luck.

3-I tried 25 solders at level 3, I failed.

4-tried to have less than 50 solders at level 1, let's say 35, with 400 points of food left, so when a ants die, they spawn for 5 points of food only, doesn't work.

5-I tried the same thing but with more workers for the eggs to latch faster... Nothing of those strategy works.

have you test the difficulty of the game yourself? is it possible to beat the game at insane difficulty?
What I suggest strongly: Have mercy. Put a save state so we can try more strategies in less time. If you die, you won't have to play the 2 hours all over again.
And secondly: Share some strategy tips to let us know how to beat the game. I know there is some tips but that's only to know how to play the game.
Please, help us with the difficulty.  :-[

Actually, if you look on Youtube, the user Balanite has a video for every game level on Insane mode, and even on Insane with Challenge mode on. So yes, these levels are possible to beat if you go about it correctly.

Here's a link to their playlist if you want to see how he went about it. It helped me get through insane mode for 1.1 and 1.2.

 ;D  thx buddy!

they dont do saves in the famericum missions because that is an insane time eating task in the Unreal engine 4. maybe if they ahve much time to spare they will do it.

I think there's a bit of a difficulty jump between normal and hard.

"Have mercy. Put a save state so we can try more strategies in less time. If you die, you won't have to play the 2 hours all over again." I feel like if the difficulty is too hard for you then don't play it, you don't need to, also you could instead of analysing your end game as much you could analyse your early game and how you can save some extra food each fight as this can help you push the odds in your favour. when you play on hard difficulty you need to have a good understanding of the game and many of its mechanics, there is a point in each level where getting more soldiers is not worth the food as it could instead be used to feed them and provide a strong feed of ants that continuously attack the enemy

I did the insane difficulty once but it wasnt that hard as i thought it was. all i did was to make as much fighter ants as possible and upgrade them as high as possible. i only added 3 extra workers for destroying the walls and let the other basic 7 do their thing. What i also did on the part where the most insects are is a big room.
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