Paramedic Ant

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Hello, I saw this video about african matabele ants, how they tend wounded ants, would be an interesting addition for more variety among the ant colony

that would also be really cool, but self heal should also stay ingame but healing should be very slowly and with medic ants it should get really fast, i think of the priests in age of empires: eyyyooo eyoooo oOOHOHOHOOO ohohoooooo, EYOOOOYOYOYO

it would be hard to balance as if it healed during fights it could be good at it and become overpowered reducing your necessary ant colony sizes down drastically or it could be useless as it would be easier to not bother buying them and hatching them if you can just hatch new soldier ants, I feel like this would also be really hard to add the more ant types there are as it would have to be balanced with all of them if they are to be used in the formicarium

Maybe the Devs should put dismemberment in the game.