Stinging vs Biting

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A question and possible suggestion  I'd like to see is a difference between ants who sting and bite.  Fire ants  sting using their jaws to anchor themselves on a target. Bull ants work his way as well (assuming they are added. They are prominently featured on the website but still..)Stingers should rely on their poisons to paralyze or damage over time their opponents.  Bigger, stronger ants, like bull ants or bullet ants, should have very potent poison that almost instantly paralyzes and kills prey (depending on size). Smaller ants should require a more team effort with constant stinging till take down enemies

will stinging eventually be worked into the ant arsenal, especially when species that rely on stinging come into play?  We already got ants that use formic acid spray to fight so I"m assuming my question answers itself, but still.