Swarming and formica fusca DOT

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I try to always give suggestions on greenlit games and this one has been unique in that most of my gameplay suggestions seem to have been implemented and discussed.

But here is one I think is both cosmetic and could potentially change a major aspect of the game. As seeing as many ant species tactics revolve around numbers. I've seen Garden black ants swarm all over the bodies of other insects, sometimes committing suicide in the process by biting and latching(even in death) onto larger insects, potentially still dealing damage after death.

I have no idea if this is possible in the Unreal engine, but i would love to see smaller ants in the colony swarm over larger insects(maybe modeled similar to Pikmin[Where they latch and continue to attack until enemy death or dead] from the older gamecube days), biting or stinging.

Anyways, It's a fun game, and i enjoy it quite a bit.

I think this would be a great idea! Adding a biting death wouldn't be to hard if in between the death phase and the life phase they added a headless phase where the ant simply lost its head and if close enough would attack one more time and latch on.

Maybe they could make it a small damage % upon death or something but I see it possible.