I'm Making A Book

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Hey so I am making a book about ants and I been working pretty hard on it. So I would like to see your opinions on it while I make it. You can be my beta readers I took some inspiration from Benard Werber's story and decided I should make my own, not a complete replica of course. ;) So I would like to see all of your 1476 opinions of the story. I am open to all criticism of the book, in fact, I would like criticism to see what people think of it. If you find any plot holes please tell me about them and Please don't copy the entire thing! This story is not aimed towards complete realism. Also, the terrible writing advice series really motivated me to write this so thanks to him. If you find any spacing issues that's because of the transition from Open Office to Google Docs. So finally please enjoy! :)


P.S Just saying if you want to rate it then put _/10.
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It is very well written, a bit complex, but if you read through you understand better. Can not wait until it is in the store!

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Thanks this is my only a incomplete rough draft.

Hey guys what do you think of my book?

Can anybody tell me how my book is! I want some criticism to improve it!!!!  :-[