Virgin Queen Solo Mission

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It would be very exciting to have a future level wherein a colony reaches sexual maturity and starts producing male and female alates (winged ants)!

The level could start with a Virgin queen leaving her home nest to find multiple suitable mates without getting eaten by predators. She has the fill her spermatheca gauge (with sperm that will last her a lifetime) in order to proceed to the next objective. Once mated, she then proceeds to find a suitable location to start her colony, again dodging predators along the way. After finding the perfect spot, she sheds her wings and must fight off enemy bugs and rival queens to ensure her colony's safety. You complete the mission once her first brood hatches! Sort of like a prequel to all of the other missions, where the colony starts with a queen and three workers.

Of course the queen should have improvements to her along the way for every objective she accomplishes, like increased health, better defenses and stronger offenses. Just so that this mission would feel less like your'e just crossing off items in a checklist.

BTW, awesome game! Much love from the Philippines  :)

First part may be... uh... uh... Sold as DLC! The second part maybe is a good stealth mission or a challenge for 2.1 You would have to get past the bugs and infiltrate the nest then kill the queen!

i think that would be an awesome idea! a virgin queen solo mission?! i would absolutely support that idea! imagine the challenges involved!

Sounds like a great idea haha!