I have been playing this game now for a bit but the problem is that the Formicarium challenge is already too hard to play. I have to play some stages twice to get strong enough to beat them. Is it possible to make it a little bit easier?
UR MOM GAY dont take it seriously

have you made the missions before trying to beat the first challenge ?
There is nothing easier I found it too easy...
In the game of ants, you play or you die.

i did all the Missions (1.1 and 1.2) before doing the challenge. Maybe i could just pick the extra food reward bonus.
UR MOM GAY dont take it seriously

It makes you do them a second time to beat the Formicarium challenge so you get more value for each section and try out the level challenge mode. Also, you can do it on higher difficulties to get more rewards, it will improve your skill for later levels.

Have you upgraded your ants? Also get the queen upgrades. Such as royal guard, or get ant upgrades. It helps but if you are skilled enough you can beat it without any of this. Like me, because I had no clue you could do any of this so I just used strategy. I had two tunnels leading around to the main, so the workers could refill chambers while I trapped the enemies.

I played through the first levels once and was able to beat the formicarium challenge with what I had. Maybe it's a tactical error?

Soccer do you have a screenshot of your tunnel system? Sounds interesting