Instead of gathering small pieces of food outside the nest, perhaps the ants can drag the entire kill back inside the nest for the workers to process. Or if it's a huge kill like a tiger beetle, they can rip it into 3 pieces and multiple ants can assist with carrying each piece. I understand something like this is easier said than done, as it involves changing the whole food gathering engine and each piece of food would have to be visibly unique (some ants carrying a leg while others carry the head), but it's just an idea to help with the realism.  8)

sounds actually good because ive watched many videos of AntsCanada where his Ants took bodies of dead insects inside their home.
UR MOM GAY dont take it seriously

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It's an interesting idea but it does present a lot of technical challenges that probably would not be worth the time investment they'd take. Leaf cutters will have a different method of food harvesting entirely (because they don't eat meat).

Great idea!
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What if the Insect you fight would be dismembered while in combat. Say, loose a limb at a heath threshhold. The workers could be set to avoid combat and collect limbs from the battlefield to "refuel" the army while the soldiers are in combat.
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