i was recently watching  a new video from antscanada on youtube and this man recently aquired a new species of ants called Diacamma which apparently does not have a queen and chooses its leader or gamergate by a process of battle royale and if this leader does pass on then the colony can create a new breeder/leader. i thought this was an extremely interesting idea that i thought might be interesting for this game. imagine after you battle so heroicly only to see your beautiful queen defeated by hermit crabs or some other enemy and then you get a chance to keep going as long as you have one worker alive. i know it would be difficult but i still found this species very interesting because they dont have a queen in the traditonal sense

 the link to this video i watched is here
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Maybe once in a while, you will have "Elections" where your ant will choose whos queen and will have to squish any signs of rebellion from new ants.

I saw that episode! And if ever that idea gets into the game, it wouldn't necessarily be an unfair advantage for the players because the "new" queen would also have to be mated first before she could lay eggs. i think that would add to the challenge, and a level involving Diacamma ants would be frustrating as hell! Especially every time you're forced to build a colony from scratch again

frustrating as hell would be putting it mildly i think lol on top of building a colony from scratch imagine having to deal with internal threats like fighting off your workers on top of fighting rival colonies or spiders coachhorse beetles etc. i really think it would add a very unique challenge that really would test your skills in the most unforgiving way!!! ;D ;D ;D