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To me and lots of others, we think hard mode is too hard for the setting. Let me explain. You see when your say on normal and you want to get for food or royal jelly for your colony you decide to do hard mode. You quickly get beaten and you wonder what you did wrong, there should be less of a difficulty jump between difficulty. I'm no game dev but this is what I think it should be: 25% Difficulty on easy, 45% difficulty on normal, 60% difficulty on hard, and 90% difficulty on Insane. There should only be a jump when going to insane because it's insane.
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why is insane different from all the others? also when I switched from normal to hard I didn't notice a huge change, I died 2 times and then learnt enough from that to complete the level, it just took a bit of time to learn what was where and why I was loosing. I think that this wouldn't be a good Idea as A) I think its perfectly balanced at the moment and B) by doing that all you're creating is another gap, if the gap is an issue it should be completely removed and not moved over to the next step, after you complete the level in hard where are you going to go? to insane mode of course.

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It's not a case of tweaking a difficulty multiplier here. Percentage difficulty is not very easy to quantify in the way we want to do things. The difficulty levels are easier to understand when you factor in this one design philosophy we have:

When you encounter a creature, we want you to know what you're facing. With the exception of "easy" difficulty (which has reduced damage), all the other difficulties feature increased numbers of enemies instead. So in "insane" mode you might be facing down 5 Devil's Coach Horse adults instead of 2, rather than of 2 Devil's Coach Horse that are 3 times as strong as they are on "medium".