After you finish the two missions for one level, you don't have enough food to complete the challenge to unlock the next pair of missions. Currently, the only way to obtain more food is to replay the missions. While the higher difficulties do provide more of a food reward, Hard and Insane are particularly difficult, especially to someone on their first playthrough. Thus, playing the missions for the express purpose of obtaining more food can be something of a boring endeavor.

I suggest that there should be more ways to get food for the formicarium. Immediately, I see two ways to do this; you could add more missions per level, or you could add missions/miniature challenges in the formicarium itself. The latter method could be something like what we already have after completing the second challenge, in that multiple non-ant enemies would be dropped in to be fought, defeated, and harvested. I'm sure there are additional ways to provide a fun, challenging experience as well.

I finished level one just playing the first 2 missions.

Honestly, I was able to finish both missions fairly easily.

I think the biggest problem I have with the forinicator is that there is NO WAY to get more food UNLESS you play the missions over... and the missions take FOOOORRREEEVVVEEERRR.

****SPOILER***** I wish they would just let the mobs you spawn in after completing the 2nd mission give you food. Although, I do see they want you to progress and grow your colony only through completing missions. I simply find it a painstaking grind to complete them... and then have to do it again when you need food. *****SPOILER*****

Now that I have completed the missions though there isn't much point in playing around with the colony because if I do that anything dies I need to replay missions in order to get more food to be able to rehatch them... Although, I will have to state that even during the 2nd "TEST" I only lost like 15 ants or so and even killing 1 ant doesn't happen till the last wave.

I'd like to see Mission X.3 and X.4. After the 20th replay of 1.1, 1.2, 2.1,2.2 I'll need
variety or a longer period pause.

I found the levels to be fine, if you were to repeat levels it would be to have extra food and the only time I had to play a level twice was before the 2nd challenge, I could have also avoided this if I had chosen food instead of the royal jelly which didn't even let me unlock anything that I needed to get as I already had everything I needed. I think some more challenge modes should be introduced to the later levels instead, giving more variety whilst not plaguing you with many levels that you don't even need to complete (even though I would love some more levels).

I Have a Suggestion to the food issue once the challenges have been completed and you unlock the ability to bring in enemies , how about the ones spawned in can be harvested like if you bring in 15 crabs and kill them all you then can harvest them it would prevent spawning in 1 at a time and also make for an interesting fight , Just a thought.