Underground Warfare

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This is like the demo level "the nest" but more... Developed.

Basically, the area underground is like is the same, but extended right/left/up/down so it's 2x bigger than the standard underground area.

More details on the area

So the player's side of the undergrowth will be like in previous levels, natural and spacious with pockets of food, but there will be walls dividing the player's side and the opposing side(the extended area) and the placement of the walls will be maze like, forcing the player to dig a long way to the opposing colony.


So you start off small, like any other level, and there are more than your average amounts of food pockets in your side. But there's a catch. It will be like a time attack mission where more and more opposing ants will dig to your side without breaking blocks. These ants would have to be very small  to pull that off. As dead ants don't give food, players will have to get to the food pockets and fight whatever is in it as fast as possible before the next raid.

Like the level Subjugation, the amount of ants invading will increase the more time you stall. If possible, the maze should have enough room for pockets of devil's coach horse or other aggressive food sources in the way.

The invading ants will come from the tile closest to its colony that's open, so it's likely they'll start off by digging very close to the queen.

Once you've made it through the maze and opened one of their tunnels, their whole tunnel system will be revealed and their entire soldier force will mobilize. To make it easier for the player, the opposing colony will have very little soldier nurseries, BUT a good amount of workers AND unlimited food. The player has to end things in one raid, or it's over for the player.


If the slugdisco team had more people, they might be able to implement a level with surface wars AND the opportunity to flank underground.

This is also a very good idea for multiplayer, if it ever comes. It adds a depth of difficulty in some levels and more skill is needed in potential multiplayer battles, as you need to focus on two fronts.