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Hello fellow anthusiasts 8)

First of. Excuse my pun.
The Pheromone system in EotU is very interesting. I would like to see it more developed to give the player more control of what the army is doing and make the players commands have more impact without making the game more complicated but more complex.

Pheromone Markers
add the hotkeys to use them more like attack/gather/move orders as an addition to the current mechanic.
Example: right click standard move to respective behaviour toggled(like now) with the oprtion to bind the more rts style hotkeys a(attack),m(move),p(patrol),g(gather).
Toggle a modifier Key to draw Pheromone Tracks which leads me directly to my next point.

Guard , Patrol
Createing funnels to defend workers and create supply lines.
Guarding and Patroling routes by laying pheromone tracks.(via mod key.)

Chemical Temporary Buffs/Debuffs.
Everything from speed to attack buffs disorient etc.

Thank you for reading. I am really enjoing the game.