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First of all: the game is great so far.

However the Formicarium Challenges are a bit repetitive and there's not much to do for the player.  He just has to block the one entrance to his nest by positioning all the ants below the surface in a big heap. In the resulting combat there's actually nothing to see but changing numbers.

Imho the player should be forced to make more decisions e.g. by having to defend more than one entrance to the nest and whether/how to split his forces.

Yes, the next challenges need to be different but I think the current ones are okay for the start.
The major problem is that once you have enough shooters (100+ mortars) you can essentially just keep defending infinitely because everything that comes down into the nest is getting nuked off the map the instant it spawns. The soldiers are so densely packed around the entrances that it is impossible for spawning creatures to move - that is if they even live long enough to start moving before they take 2500+ points of artillery damage.

it would be interesting to add mole crickets and other digging creatures to future challenges so that crowding the entrance won't be that overpowered of a strategy, as mole crickets will likely dig from the surface and show itself in some part of the nest near the queen.