So I tried to play the second challenge... I hate that scientist!

His approach to testing the ants mettle is nothing short of sadistic, and he is hardly a scientist, but nothing doing I understand the game is supposed to be challenging, but impossible? I had a maxed out population count and I still couldn't stand up to that guy's 'scientific methods' :'( I don't see the point on having such a high difficulty on this game.

On a different note could there be a future update where there is a creative mode and possibly a few different formicariums and out-worlds? maybe a few more things the ants could build besides just food rooms and unit nests? Maybe decorations you could buy with points for your out-world after you complete a level? I hope the devs will utilize my input. I have lots of ideas I'd love to share.
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I like your idea of having new formicarium and out-worlds. It is possible to beat the second formicarium challenge without too many ants; I've beaten it twice with 64 population. Using a regular hexagon chamber one is able to get 19 level three ants as long as they put a speed tile at the chamber's entrance. Using this building strategy I built 19 workers, 19 black ants, and 19 mortar ants. I upgraded all of the soldier ants to level three which is very important to win the challenge as mortar ant splash damage is key. Lastly for ant strategy, I would keep the ants on the surface until the scientist begins to allow a "continuous flow" of ants from the tubes. When he starts doing that, I pulled my ants back underground, right next to the entrance holes. By the time I killed the beetles he drops, I pulled all of my ants back right next to my queen so I could defend against the spiders. I hope this helps  ;)!
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Also try the queen upgrades. The extra forces can really shut down the speedy spidey boys.