there is a bug where if you chouse a group of ants to ether fight everything they come accrose or not and then switch to aother group and back, the icon is only green and not red if you have disable it
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I had the opposite issue... Disabled a group from fighting, and then when I returned to them they were disabled for both fighting and collecting.  At least both icons were red.  I will have to check again to be sure if they actually were disabled.

I can confirm this bug. I think it depends on what button is pressed before you switch group: IIRC, disabling fighting and then switch group and back, will show both as enabled again. Disabling food collecting and switching group and back will then show both disabled.
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Same thing happened to me - There is a bug with the enable/disable food gathering and fighting button. Seems like the buttons work as intended but it's the green/red color get's reset when changing to another group which makes it pretty confusing.

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Seems a few people are having this issue - we'll look into it.

To speed the process up - could you guys give as much detail as you can about the circumstances when this happened - options you'd chosen, what you were doing when you tabbed out, etc.

If I cancel the Food priority and switch to another group, both priorities are cancelled when I switch back. If I cancel the Fight priority and switch to another group, both priorities are enabled when I switch back.

I'm not usually doing anything specific when this happens, regardless of circumstances the bug appears. If I'm just switching between groups to assign them to different locations, or switching between different squads to switch the tabs mid battle, the results are the same. I like to take the initial 7 ants and put them in group 5 and set them to not fight so they'll keep putting down eggs instead of attacking intruders, but now when I switch out of their tab both priorities are cancelled. In this regard it doesn't affect what I want to do with them, but if there's any food around from an attack they won't interact with it.
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I'm having this problem, too. I only started noticing it after I'd installed the beta freeplay release. My husband plays this too and hasn't opted for the beta, but he's been busy and hasn't been able to play since then either - so I haven't been able to test if it's actually related.

The problem I'm having is if I disable defending (like I like to do for my workers), and switch to a different group to give them a direction, then switch back to the worker group, both options are then disabled. I'm not tabbing out of the game at all. I've bound the group selection to keys on my mouse, so I thought maybe a keybinding for enabling/disabling food gather had gotten messed up and was also being triggered by the use of my mouse-key for group 1. I went into options and changed the food-gather binding to an obscure key I'd never hit, but the problem remains.

And the bug isn't play mode specific - I've encountered it in the main formicarium, in challenges, and in freeplay.

So far, that's all I've learned and can share about it.