I played Free Play for about 5 hours yesterday, give or take, and noticed what I think is a bug with food spoiling on the map.

I set my difficulty to grow with my colony size. The problem that I experienced is that my colony was getting bigger and bigger to accommodate how much food I was gathering, because the decomp time for many of the insects seemed disabled (food spoiling only seemed to happen with the coach horse beetle larva), and so a massive amount of dead insects and food was piling up all over the map. even from the hostile bugs attacking each other. Certain spawn points were backed up with dead bugs or food chunks almost the entire game without any food spoiling. The problem came to a head when an aphid patch popped up right beside my nest, so there was a constant supply of food from the dead ladybugs, not the aphids. There was no end to them for almost an hour so the bugs piled up pretty fast.

I'm linking some screenshots I took where I checked the same spot every 5 minutes to record how quickly the body count built up without any of the dead bugs decomposing.

This last shot is 30 minutes later, when the aphid patch finally de-spawned and the only issue was hostile insects trying to invade the nest.

I had almost 500 ants before I cut the game off and a max of 49930 Food, which I honestly never ran out of because I had too many ants for any of the hostile mobs to kill. I ended up filling the rest of my nest with food storage so I wouldn't add any more entities to the map.

Another bug is that I never noticed the Uber creatures spawning even though I'm sure I had that option checked, but maybe those haven't been implemented yet and I just didn't realize.

Good news though is even with all those insects on the map and the resulting lag, the game never crashed or froze, which seems like a good thing to me!

I hope this helps with the bug hunt!

Update: I did in fact have the Uber creatures turned off. They work. They definitely work.