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Great to have freeplay!
I know that its early days, but imho there are just too many bugs around. Currently the game turns into a nest defence with free lunches lying around the exit given that all the different bugs kill each other.
To my mind this is the case since the game lays too much emphasis on fighting bugs who appear in large groups and attack together (I don't think they do that in real life). It would be more interesting to have the player make the following decisions:

How many of his army to split into groups to scout (fog of war on larger maps would be great) and forage in order neither to starve to death (colony upkeep as a management option) nor be overwhelmed by an intruder into the nest (hopefully other ants enter the fray soon) nor have his forage party killed by larger bugs/other ants before they arrive back in the nest.

How far to send his forage parties out.

When and in what numbers to raid an enemy nest in order to either kill their queen or just steal their food.

I think that map size and fog of war is the key here. When distances to food sources increase there's less need to inundate the map with bugs since ant numbers will be thinned out. With less bugs the hunt for food will be more difficult and require more intelligent gameplay. When stuffing large numbers of ants in front of ones doorstep isn t a solution anymore there's also room for nasty surprises by attacks of other species.

Good ideas.
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Along with this, I think enemy queens should respawn every once in a while (and you could have options for no respawn, full reset respawn, or continue from left off at respawn). 

Fog of war is the option I would support the most here, as it would make the game both more difficult and more interesting. 
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I am new to the game, but I really think there needs to be a mode similar to SimAnt, where you can travel to satellite locations and fight many different nests.

Also there is something pretty disapointing on the freeplay, it's how some creature head directly to the queen. Regardless of the nest design, they perfectly know where she is. Disapointing when you start a new colony, a uber creature spawn day 2 and directly head to 3 shot your queen.