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I want to say free play adds so much replay value to this game. I love the randomness of it. I hope it becomes even more random as time goes on.

I have probably played freeplay now 12 times only dominating the map three times out of the 12... The early game is tough and very random... may times as soon as i opened up the overhead map a bounch of spiders would enter my den destroying me. Hermit crabs 2-3 of them enter the den when you only have 20 ants its a wipe. The last game I played as soon as i opened the den to the surface a hermit crab stormed the colony before i could kill it off 2 spiders was in my nest. now I love the randomness but but more times then not you are dealt impossible early game odds is there a way to curb the early game alittle bit?

Ubers Now the last game I was able to dominate the map earlyer today I had 5 ubers spawn all of them being tiger beatles. Didnt know there was others until i watched your video today. Not sure it I just had crazy luck or there is a bug there not spawning the others? Another thing I noticed when I killed them I was like wow lots of food... but since i could only get 3 ants on them at a time I was never able to get all the food. I would always loose 2k worth of food because the beatle would despawn. Not sure if you want to let more ants at a time eat from it or increase the despawn timer.

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Thanks, glad you're enjoying!

We're still balancing the Freeplay a lot, of course - and this version is only the barebones of it; lots more will be added over time.

A "grace period" is being worked on to attenuate the early game difficulty - we've heard this a lot, and as a player of the game myself, I agree with it!

I think you just had some odds-beating dice rolls going on there - every Uber creature has the same spawn chance. I've heard one other report of something similar but only one; that seems consistent enough with the odds!

Good call on the Uber creature corpses despawning too soon.

Thanks for the feedback Monarky - hope you join us for future updates!

Alright So the first game mode i tried up above was ramp with spikes... The Early game on that one is impossible.

Now I have had a chance to play maybe 6-8 matches on scale with the colony game mode.
Now the early game on that one is alittle steep but manageable. But there has to be some sort of cap on the scale with colony. Because I got to around 250 ants and I could not even play there was so much crap coming at my colony you couldnt even leave the colony i was a blood feast. The map becomes almost pointless on the mode in the late game. I have a really nice computer ryzen 1700x dual 1070s  16 gigs 3200 memory and my computer couldnt do it there was so many creatures and ants on the map.