First and foremost, thanks for the freeplay update. EOTU fans have been waiting for an update for a while and hopefully there are many more to come!

One suggestion for the freeplay mode would be to have a win criteria that you can select like the other features at the start of the mode. This would give the mode a bit more "purpose", rather than playing for a while and then quitting once you've had enough. The attack waves feature is nice but one of the advantages of freeplay mode is that it allows you to design and build up your colony in a more relaxed manner, which is something that the attack waves feature removes somewhat. (For intense gameplay I can do some of other levels on hard/insane.)

A win condition may be something like having a "king" insect on the map guarded by many other critters (maybe two or three ubers to protect him too) on the other side of the map surrounded perhaps by terrain so there is only one entrance point. This would give it a feeling of having to conquer an enemy base. This group of insects would either hold their position in the base so you only attack them when you are ready or slowly release attack waves. This would give the freeplay mode a goal rather than just building up your colony until you've had enough, whilst still maintaining that feel of building in a more relaxed and free environment.

Two or three ubers ? at the level I had to quit the game my ants were butchering a group of five Uber Wolf spider, two or three Uber creatures wouldn't be enough I think your "king" insect could make them spawn that would add a reason of appearing of the Uber and make a great challenge
In the game of ants, you play or you die.

and maybe there could be a "king" insect for each of the four Uber types to kill
In the game of ants, you play or you die.

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Optional Freeplay win conditions are likely to be a thing :) I imagine they'd come with a "Continue Playing" button, like the campaign levels do.