Formicarium Campaign

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Hey guys, I am loving the game, but I was wondering if there is a release date for the rest of the Formicarium Campaign?

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We've found through experience that we're really bad at release dates so until we're sure we've decided to not do them - the best we can do is vague guesses. If you look at this roadmap, you'll see some vague guesses:

There are 3 "Major Updates" planned, with game completion being with the third. Each of these will contain a further Formicarium tier, and introduce new species / creatures.

If the game kept evolving based on player feedback, it would be pretty cool. Im not talking about big updates, just kind of like new freeplay levels or new creatures. Little things, just like the ant world.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

I would love to have, when we finish the formicarium campain, a way to create our own ant specie and to use it in freeplay/battle arena/formicarium
In the game of ants, you play or you die.