wolf spiders moving queen ant

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I noticed every time I play that if a wolf spider rushes in at my queen most of the times it moves my queen from its place and it wont move back so plz fix also when you have too many ants in your base you cant harvest spider's meat so plz fix I am addicted to this game

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This is a rare occurrence, we've seen it before but we don't get many reports of it at all so haven't been able to see what's wrong. Can you give me any information on what you're doing when this happens, your system specs, etc

well I don't really know what to tell ya my pc runs this game absolutely fantastic and it just happens idk usually when spider has direct path to queen ? I'm trying ... it happens when I have a lot of ants if that helps idk why it happens it has happened during quests when I'm just sitting in my kingdom with my ants surrounding the queen waiting for things to attack but it has also happened when I was in free play and I just spammed wolf spiders to see if it happened and the 2nd spider did it then one more after that moved it farther idk that's I can rlly say idk