Formica Ereptor Builds

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With Freeplay allowing the import of Ereptor colonies, here are two colony setups I use.  Let me know which ones you prefer of your own or what I listed. 

Queen formats (can be used for any setup; these are the two I find to be the most ideal): 

Royal Guard + Fierce Mother: 
  • Pairs well with Royal Guard by allowing them to do damage uncontested.
  • Allows the entirety of the respawned army to do damage uncontested.
  • Can save you from situations in which you have 0 food.
  • Can save you from situations in which you have no workers, although you'll have much less time to kill confused enemies this way.
  • Requires you to regain control of the underground after the 10 second confusion duration.
  • Provides an additional buffer for 60 seconds in the form of the guards, but only if threats are manageable.

Royal Decree + Second Wind
  • Allows an infinite army to wipe out threats.
  • Forces enemies to focus on your infinite army.
  • Has a longer duration than the above combination.
  • Can save you from situations in which you have 0 food.
  • Can save you from situations in which you have no workers.
  • Provides no additional buffer beyond 20 seconds besides the full size of your army.

Colony setups:

Ranged DPS: 

Worker ants: Efficient Brood/Evasive
Black ants: Meat Wall/Self Repair
Rapid Fire ants: Corrosive/Weakening
    Usage: Requires less worker ants than usual, which should always be set to no combat, which are able to restore lost numbers without being threatened by either enemies right by the queen or in brood chambers, making wolf-spider AI much less threatening than it is in 2.1 Rising Tide (N2 W3 and N3 W1 can both wipe you if all your workers die).  Most of your damage will come from rapid fire, which will buff each other's damage, which results in very high venom degen on focused targets on top of the usual flat damage.  Black ants, while still doing noteworthy damage, are primarily there to take hits and allow the rapid fire to do their job.  The greatest weakness to black ants is going to be AoE venom from medium and large spiders, as well as the devil's coach horse spray, although since these attacks won't kill all of your black ants you should be able to manage if you have enough.  Very high single-target damage is also a concern, as it can allow the gradual wear-down of black ants, leading to enemies carving through your low-health rapid fire ants.  Regen on black ants primarily helps to ensure you have a constant supply of tank roles, where anything that dies respawns, and anything that survives is at full HP for the next fight.  Rapid fire also have the bonus of slowing enemies, which isn't all that strong, but is still capable of allowing the ants to stand without tanks against weak or slow foes. 

Melee DPS: 

Worker ants: Aggressive Brood/Defensive
Black ants: Dangerous/Self-preservation
Mortar ants: High-pressure/Crippling
    Usage: While worker efficiency and reliability suffers, workers take on the role of tank in this setup.  Their specific defensive ability makes them highly efficient at holding out against high damage attacks, particularly from the likes of tiger beetles and wolf spiders.  They are still quite vulnerable, however, to venom attacks, as well as rapidly repeated small packets of damage (like the tiger beetle's swinging jaws ability).  While aggressive brood allows worker ants to be a fighting force, they still should not be relied on for damage, with it merely being a perk.  Black ants are made to take advantage of the new worker tanks, having increased attack speed over bulk, as well as the ability to retreat when low on health, essentially ensuring that black ants survive to do damage, while the enemy in question moves on to potentially attack a worker instead.  The mortars act primarily as a support unit.  They do additional physical damage, and also debuff the target foe either for black ants and workers to do additional damage to, or for other mortars to do additional target or splash damage to.  While mortars are primarily strong for their ability to handle hoards of densely packed enemies, their crippling ability should make them viable if not ideal against single strong foes as long as there are a lot of black ants in play.   A notable weakness of this setup is that you will be far more vulnerable to anti-melee abilities, such as confusion and stun, especially against creatures that move a lot, as mortar aim will suffer as a result.  Mortars also cannot solo weak enemies like rapid fire can.
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And on the sixth day, God created ant in his own image, and gave them dominion over the earth and all of its creatures.  Amen.

Quick note:  The type of wood ant used in either setup is arguably interchangeable.  The only argument I could see for changing up ranged DPS is if you wanted to ensure that crippling is applied so that overlapping splashes on mortar ants can do additional damage. 

At the same time though, splash damage will primarily be useful for large quantities of weak enemies, making venom superior in most cases for single-targets if your black ants aren't built to do high damage. 
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And on the sixth day, God created ant in his own image, and gave them dominion over the earth and all of its creatures.  Amen.