Rebuilding walls

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It would be nice to be able to rebuild walls, especially forcing predators to go the long way around if the walls are, lets say three(?) elements thick?

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It's been suggested many times and we've been thinking about it for years - it creates several unique problems (such as being able to turtle in forever and upsetting the intended balance of a level) and we've not thought of a way to rebuild walls that we like. Not saying it'll never happen but it's not something we've found a good way of doing yet.

I don't know how it would work from coding perspective, but by making walls destroyable and coding so that enemies would attack them only if they make registered path unavaiable, you could prevent colonies from both turtling and using the walls as decoys.

You could always force it so that you have to build walls in places where walls have been destroyed, so that original pathways can't be filled in, but mistakes can be undone or corrected. 
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I had an idea about blockings tile that could be an amelioration of the speed tile that would be filled with wood and dirt and would let pass ants or little creatures, it would have a life bar and the tallest creatures would have to get by another way or to destruct it if they think that would be quicker, maybe if no ants get in it during something like a day of the game it would slowely fill itself of dirt and become a normal block of dirt.
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In the game of ants, you play or you die.

While a reverse speed tile would be interesting, it would require the devs want to add something they seem to want to avoid, only in a "soft" form.  It would also probably not match what people want from building up destroyed walls. 
And on the sixth day, God created ant in his own image, and gave them dominion over the earth and all of its creatures.  Amen.

I have figured it out! If you rebuilt walls there are a couple things I would suggest.
1) You can not build them around the entrance.
2)Walls built in pathways (original or not) would still be treated as if they were pathways. Being targeted when there is not a path.
3) There would be 4 levels. The forth level helps brood chambers by upgrading them.(This could be treated as huminity control)
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Hey guys, new to the game and new to the forum. (+60 hours of gameplay tho and i have studied for programming)

Suggestion for rebuilding the walls cause it will make the game way better.
3 options that i see are not THAT hard to implement.

1. Building walls can happen at any tile... BUT you can't close rooms or block pathways if there is no other route available, there has to be a code that prevents acces from ants or enemies to a certain way or room, when it triggers you can't build a wall on that tile. You can build mazes like this. (Linking to tower defense games, where the pathway for enemies should be for example the queen, some other ants, eggs...)
Possible exploit: building a very long maze and before the enemies reach the end, build a wall and they have to run away the other way. (Like tower defense games, but building a wall should have a cost or something (making it free will break the game) BUT the ennemies that reverse so you blocked them. Should become enraged or lvl up, making it punishing if you do this without proper care.

2. Normally in real life ants remove the sand out of there nest, i know implementing this will be hard. So, i will not go into this further. BUT you can implement a certain substance ants can collect in the open (For example trees or plants) and that substance if you collected enough of it. Its possible to produce a wall (Breakable wall) Some enemies will be able to break it, some will ignore it (Yes you have stupid enemies also). Making this brick will make you able to close of rooms, but doesn't offer endless protection, cause ants need the substance that can only be collected in the open world. You can even make it so, that plants produces just that amount in the day.. so you can't over collect or abuse it.

3. Might be more or like option 2 in combination of the first one, But slightly different. In the formicarium you have a maximum amount of tiles you can remove.. only through missions its possible to improve it. But thats not the point i'm going to make. If you can make it so you can only remove that amount, its possible to do the reverse but If you remove sand in real life and afterwards you want to fill a hole for example.. you will always lose sand.. the hole is most likely not filled fully. So if you remove a tile, you collect a little 'dust' so if you remove like 5 tiles of sand, you can build 1 back up. (Strategie strategie strategie) and rebuilding will be stopped because you need 5 tiles to rebuild one.. so it can't be endless. This method needs the code of my first example tho. Making it unavailable if you block acces to rooms or routes. If there is no other way to enter it.

Thats my 5 cents, codes can be mixed together, all 3 can be combined. Its possible in other games, so it should be in this one. I don't think it will break the game if implemented correctly. If this should be able break the game (i don't see why at the moment, you need to improve further and make more different enemies or make changes to the one you already have.

btw: Keep up the good work! This game has a lot more potential