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Moving The Queen

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You should be able to move your queen, because the queen is so close to the entrances, on she is directly linked to the entrance.

This has been noped before for balance reasons, much the same reasons for why you can't build walls (turtling and the likes). 

Telling nope is easy, when bad suggestions are offered. I just made a big post in the wall section. Cause i really think rebuilding a wall will do this game great.
I will try to do the same here because i think the queen should be able to move. Not literally tho cause a moving queen is gamebreaking. 

I will try to give some possible solutions or balance options. They can always be combined but thats not upto me.

1. Before starting a game, you get more or like a random base. You have a general 3 ants to start with. There is no queen... You get the same amount of open tiles you already have. Though the ants have no queen and no place to store food or place food. They can only build a place for there queen. So no place to store food or highways or whatever. This option makes the player able to position there queen at the start of there game.
Note: Players can't explore the fully underground base because the enemies lurking in it. 3 ants can't do much so being carefull is necesarry.. if those 3 ants die, the game is also over... This doesn't necesarrily make it able to remove it after it is planted but this option would satisfy alot of players. Implementing this option gives the programmers of this game even more game modes. Starting in the open world with a little army of ants. Who needs to find a new nest. So exploring the open world to find a nest in it. To restart there former glory or saving there asses from an invasion and they had to escape...
Tip: Making the queen a larvea and give it to an ant makes it more realistic. When that ant places the queen on the designed spot, it matures and the place of the queen is set and the game can start fully.

2. Making queen eggs. For example you should be able to click on the queen. If you collected for example 1000 food. You can produce a queen egg. When you have produced it, it will be carried and protected with the 7 base ants of the queen. You can roam the map with those 7 ants and look for a spot to make a nest for the new queen. When you try and settle the new queen you should get a warning message that says the following: Placing the queen here makes the other queen die. Are you sure?.
Note: If the main queen is dead... And you still have a larvea queen. The game is not ending but a timer should start. like 60 seconds left to place the new queen larvea. If not, the larvea dies and the game is over. Implementing this for no exploit reasons. Also make note that if those 7 ants die (who are carrieng the larvea queen) That queen also dies... so bye bye 1000 food. This option would make the game more mobile (makes it even possible for the future to invade an enemy territory and place a queen there. Its also possible to start a mission that makes it necesarry to make a queen larvea cause you need to make a base on a safer location (For example, the base is gonna get washed away by the rising river and you need to make an egg and move in time.. to make the colony survive... and start a new..

I don't think these options are game breaking or are open for eploit.. My 5 cents :) Keep up the good work!



if this improvement can be added and therefore might ruin the gameplay, I suggest that "moving the queen" could be an "enabled/disabled" option, so it is up to the gamer to decide then before launching a game.

Perhaps moving the queen could be an option only in some maps, for example, a map could begin with only a queen, who can move, but can't start laying eggs until she picks a spot. Once she picks a spot, she starts laying, and can no longer move. She can't dig, so her available choices of where to start can be limited so as not to be game breaking.


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