Farming and Livestocks

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There are types of ants that farms aphids for their honeydews and types of ants that farms fungus from leaves. Since the type of ants presented here are a species that are capable of subjugating other ant species with unique abilities into the fold, why not have them gaining the abilities to farm and own livestocks? Itíll be another great mechanic to the game since this could offer a defensive option to the play style. Think of it as a passive food production hub that allows the player to endure a war of attrition. How this would work is by getting ants to go and collect leaves. At first the leaves gathered wonít give food for the colony. Like seeds in the fields, the player must give up some worker units to raise the farms. The more workers on the job, the faster the leaves can be dissected and broken down to be used as food for their fungus farms. Which wonít be passively giving the player food until much later. So if the player is going with the farming method, the player wonít be getting as much loot than the rival colony. That give their rivals an early advantage in the game. But if the player survives to the later parts of the game, the player will be pretty much unstoppable. The farms produced by the ants will keep on giving the player food, even if the player isnít doing anything. All those food can be used for troops to defend and overwhelm the enemy. Itís like a trade off where the player will suffer in the early game but becomes neigh unstoppable in the later half. As for the livestocks known as the aphids, imagine having to give up some ants for the entire day just so the ants could come back the next morning with gurenteed food. Basically itíll be like this, sent the ants to go up some plants with aphids and have them raise the caddles, they wonít be called back until the next day. This means the player is sacrificing workers that could be used on the ground. But the trade off for less units is a safe way to gather food for the colony. Sure, thereíll be a few random events from now and again to prevent this from getting too exploitable like ladybugs eating the aphids or the rival ants having the same idea which causing a skirmish, things like that. But having more options is a good way to keep this game diverse and strategic.

Best of luck on your little project, Overseer.

We do have aphids atm, but they're not indoors, instead requiring you defend them outside to obtain food. 

Leafcutters are in the works, and only the devs know how the fungus garden will be implemented. 
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maybe an upgrade of the food stocks
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