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So my own personal opinion is that something huge is missing that could not only spice up scenarios from the main story but....

Would really make free play more intersting!!!

The ability to invade other ants nests!!! Along with termites at some point...

Think about a free play mode where you can war with and invade other ants nests, that would be fun!!! Hell if they added a slaver species that u could play for this....  lots of potential!!! Maybe even be able to choose how many other ant colonies start with you... that youll have to vy with (maybe have naps with some). Ants do seem to sometimes have almost naps in real life.

I just wanted to mention this as i was very dissapointed that only defending against a invasion is possible at this point.

Anyway really enjoyed the game!

We are getting this when they get the skirmish AI working. 
And on the sixth day, God created ant in his own image, and gave them dominion over the earth and all of its creatures.  Amen.

We are getting this when they get the skirmish AI working.

Ah sweet i cant wait!!!