New Resources

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The user Serafine has recently posted these suggestions for new resources on an already existing topic. The reason I am putting them on a new topic is because I totally agree with them, but I am starting a topic just about these suggestions.

The idea was to remove the current resource "food" and replace it with two new resources, sugar and proteins. Sugar was for colony maintenance. This would add realism and make the player have to be much more strategic about how many ants they have. Protein is for building and probably upgrading tiles.

Making it so that workers would have to pick up food and then feed larva so they can hatch would make it more realistic visually and would make the player have to build more workers to replenish the brood or else have too few ants alive to defend the colony.
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One big issue is that this would completely break level balance. 

One big plus is that this would fix a lot of the upgrade problems.  Currently, it's only worthwhile to spam lvl 1 in most cases, and never upgrade anything unless you're making full use of mortars.  This would mean that the hatching and construction cost of new ants could be converted into carbs, while protein could be all about upgrading. 
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