Would this video be an accurate representation of the size difference between leafcutter Queen and workers planned for Eotu?

I also don't think an Atta queen will fit on the seven tiles of the Formica queen...

An average Formica fusca queen is about 12 mm in length. I'm not sure what species of leafcutter is planned but for an Atta sexdens queen, the average length is at least over 25.4 mm while supermajors can be up to 24 mm.

If Atta cephalotes is planned, because that is a profile image option, their size is still much bigger. Queens are about 22 mm, majors are about 14 mm, and mediums are about 7 mm.

Formica fusca workers are from 5-7 mm so they are about the size of the medium leafcutters planned. How will the minima be done, as they are only about 2 mm?
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We've got it covered. One of the main reasons we wanted to do a leaf cutter species is because it'll let us have some fun with real polymorphism.
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