Humidity and Your Ant Mound

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Welcome to an Ant Colony's Worst Nightmare
Humidity would determine the area of fungal outbreaks. These would be introduced as a mission itself or as a challenge. Fungal outbreaks destroy brood chambers where your ants are produced and as well as food chambers. Beach missions would not be affected as the soil is sandy and cannot retain moisture.
Humidity could also trigger harvest/starvation cycles. The plants at one point could produce little to no food as humidity decreases. The plants could even die, making aphids migrate to a different location and having no seeds to be found.
The map "Dunes" would be uneffected, as fungal outbreaks can not occur and plants can not live long in sandy soil. However, in other maps introduced the future, you will need to be careful. Choosing a location instead of just getting a random one should be introduced, meaning that you could walk around as a queen. Choosing the right location should be a importance to your colony. Choosing a location near a water source offers lots of the "seafood" that we see in 2.X, fungal outbreaks are common, however. Farther away, we get more variety underground, as seeds and seafood will be available, as well as plants on the surface. Fungal outbreaks are less common. If we choose a location far from water sources, we will end up with the same amount of food as "Dunes" fungal out breaks may occur but it is uncommon.
Fungal outbreaks could ocurr as part of a experiment, not just bug raids. I would also add ant mounds where you could raid, and pretty much kill everything inside. They would be disconnected shortly afterwards. (I ran out of ideas regarding humidity for the formicarium)
Wrong area, sorry
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Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

Good idea, humidity would be good for making the player play a bit differently on each map. Food expiration and disease would also be cool to add!
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Food expiration doesn't make sense.

There's basically two type of ants:
- Carnivorous ants that store food in their bodies (social stomaches, fat tissue)
- Harvester ants that store seeds in special dry chambers
(Some ants do both)

Neither of them have ANY issues with spoiling food. If anything develops mold it's their garbage.

Alright, thanks for correcting me.
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Can I change a post to be in another category? I screwed up this one.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.

Btw wild ant colonies rarely have problems with fungal outbreaks, that's an issue only ants in captivity have to deal with.

Most ants keep their nest clean (they dump garbage into chambers that get then sealed off or they transport garbage out of the nest) and usually wild ants have a broad variety of other creatures (springtails, booklice, woodlice) in their nest that eat the ants' garbage and any fungus.
If everything fails they will either simply move to a new place - no wild ant will stay at a place where they have to deal with constant mold growth.

I thought that too. I still stand on the choose-your-nest and food distribution however.
Ants are beautiful,
but if fooled around with,
can be deadly.